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CF - Turning Rocky Out.mp4

For what it's worth I was able to successfully experiment in converting CentOS Stream 8 to Rocky 8 (migrate2rocky) and then once on Rocky 8 was able to use convert2rhel to convert to RHEL 8. convert2rhel complained about running on an unsigned Rocky kernel, but after I removed the old (but higher level) CentOS Stream 8 kernels (which I was not running on anyway) this seemed to make convert2rhel happy and the conversion could complete. Your mileage may vary, but this seems like a viable path as migrate2rocky is happy enough to downgrade Stream 8 back to the 8.6 level (in my case).

CF - Turning Rocky Out.mp4

Note that the woman is dancing a standard sugar push(see top of page). The man is dancing a "turning anchor." A slightmodification is to dance his last step as a crossing step: behind R/sdL,fwd & across R. I like the flow, and I think it might keep me in the slot just a hair better.

A man's faceloop is commonly done with R-R hands joined.The man steps back L (W fwd R), back and side R turning RF to produceleft shoulder lead and placing joined right hands over the man's headto neck. He places his left hand to woman's right hip, and she may dothe same to him.

In left open facing position, step back L turning LF andgetting a bit off the slot. Lead her straight forward R down her slot.On beat 2, recover fwd R continuing to turn and lead her forward sothat she passes on his left side, although at this point the man ispretty much facing her. Touch L to R (W tch R to L), and as you do,tuck the woman in (LF rotation). On beat 4 step fwd L into the slotagain (W fwd R), check her LF rotation, and lead her spin RF one fullturn on her R foot to face the man, each having turned 1/2. End thefigure with an anchor step.

In an L-position, with the man facing wall and the womanfacing LOD, the man lunges to the side L and extends his arms to leadthe woman to rock back R. There is an elastic feeling between them.Both recover onto their trail feet. During the two triples, step sdL/cl R, sd L beginning to turn1/4 LF (W sd R turning LF/cl L turning,back R); anchor R/L, R (W L/R, L),

He steps bk L, rec fwd & sd R to W's right sideturning RF and putting right hand on the front of her right hip, sd Ltrn/fwd R, sd & fwd L to face RLOD; rock fwd R placing R hand onW's L shoulder blade, recover L, rock bk R placing L hand on front ofW's L hip, rec L turning RF almost to face partner; anchor. She stepsfwd R, fwd, fwd/cl, bk; bk, rec, fwd, rec; anchor.

In most whip turns, you end facing the same way youbegan. The surprise here is that you stop the rotation and end up onlyturning 1/2 -- man ends facing RLOD and woman ends facing LOD. Maybegin facing any direction.

Notice that measure 2 has two sharp moments in it.First, there is the surprise, the lunge fwd R for the man and bk L forthe woman. Second, there is the sharp turn on beat 2 for the woman. Ifyou would like a softer look, following the surprise, the woman canstep fwd R beginning to turn RF and then step sd L/XRIFof L, bk L well under body to face LOD. This would extend her turn to face over beats 2 - 4, making her anchor a turning anchor.

In left open facing position, LOD, step back L (womanfwd R), fwd & sd R to lady's right side beginning to turn RF (womanfwd L turning 1/2 RF to face LOD), sd L turning /recover R, fwd L(woman bk R/cl L, fwd R); rock fwd R checking and leading woman toswivel 1/2 RF on R to face RLOD and catch her back with your right handto an L-shaped SCP looking at ptr [surprise!] (woman rock bk L), -,recover L (woman recover R), -; rock fwd R leading woman to swivel 1/2RF on R to face RLOD and catch her back with your right hand [surpriseagain!] (woman rock bk L), recover L and raise lead hands (womanrecover R), anchor (woman begins RF underarm turn and steps sd L/XRIFof L, bk L well under body to face LOD);

In the second measure, hook R behind L turning RFreleasing W from CP but keeping R/R handhold leading W to roll RF (Wfwd L turning RF), fwd & sd L returning to the slot (W fwd Rcompleting 1 1/2 spin), anchor R/L, R (W anchor L/R, L) to end inhandshake position facing partner and starting direction;

In left open facing or low butterfly position LOD, step back L (woman fwd R), forward R stepping off thetrack to her right and beginning to turn RF (woman fwd L turningsharply 1/2 RF). Paddle sd/rec fwd turning RF and add a little pivot toCP facing center (woman steps bk/cl, fwd turning to face wall).

Now comes two rocks. Turning RF rock fwd R between herfeet down line turning, recover L to CP wall (W bk L, rec R between M's feet), turning RF rock fwd Rbetween her feet toward reverse turning, recover L to CP center;

In the third measure we complete the whip turn with onemore rock recover. Turning RF rock fwd R between her feet down lineturning, recover L into the slot (she steps back L, bk R), and wefinish with the anchor step adjusting a little apart to left openfacing position M facing LOD;

Ina right-hand star position, M facing wall and W fcg COH, step sd R/clL, sd and fwd R (W sd L/cl R, sd & bk L) commencing RF turn1/4. Your handwork aids in the turns in this figure. If you push gentlywith your right hands, you will both roll RF stepping fwd L, and fwd R(woman fwd R, fwd L) making a 1 & 1/2 turn total to a left handstar at the end of the first measure (M fcg COH). Then you dance threetriplesalternating from the left hand star, push to a 1/2 LF turn to a righthand star, push to a 1/2 RF turn to a left hand star. The footwork inthe second measure is sd L/cl R, sd L (woman sd R/cl L, sd R) turning1/2 LF, sd R/cl L, sd R turning 1/2 RF; In the third measure dance thethird triple sd L/cl R, sd L then roll 1 and 1/4 LF fwd R, fwd L (womanfwd L, fwd R) to face partner in left open facing position; anchor ,,

Facing partner in left handshake, step back Lturning 1/4 LF and bk R out of the slot (W fwd R, fwd L beginning toturn left and with right arm across body above the handshake). Duringthe first triple, the woman steps fwd & sd R, close L turning, fwdR, completing one full turn LF. As she passes the man, he steps inplace L/R, and as she takes her last forward step, he steps fwd Lacross the slot. If we began this figure with the man facing reverseand woman facing line, she is still facing line, wrapped into her lefthandshake, and he is at her right shoulder, in a back-to-backL-position, facing wall.

The figure can also be done in tandem position with samefootwork. Sway L, -, R, L; bring joined L hands over W's head fwd Rturning RF to W's tandem, -, rock L, R; bring joined L hands over W'shead fwd L turning LF to tandem again, -, rock R, L; bring joined Lhands over W's head fwd R turning RF to W's tandem, -, rock L, R;

In a facing position, step side and back L turning LFbeginning to lead woman across in front of man. She steps side andforward R. Step back R with a slipping action, and she steps forward Lslipping to face partner. End with a small forward step, she side. Inthe second measure, she steps side and back L turning LF and leadingthe man across. He steps side and forward R. She steps back R with aslipping action, and he steps forward L slipping to face partner. Endwith a small side step, she forward.

You can begin in almost any position, such as butterfly,semi, open facing, or even open position. Lead foot is free. Step sidedown line blending to a facing V position, -, step thru with the trailfoot turning in (man RF, woman LF), step side and back; At this point,you will be in left open position, facing reverse. Finally, step backwith the lead foot continuing to turn to the aida line position, a backto back V looking reverse.

So, in a facing position with a R-R handshake, step sideR beginning to turn RF with right side stretch (woman steps side Lbeginning to turn LF with left side stretch). At the end of the first"slow" count, you are in a slight "V" position with lead shouldersclose. Continue turning RF (woman LF) and step forward L like a NewYorker in handshake, and recover R (woman recover L) turning to facepartner. In the second measure, turn 1/4 LF and step side and fwd Lwith left side stretch (woman turns 1/4 RF, steps side and fwd R, andraises left arm, turning slightly away from partner but looking at andshaping toward partner). On the fifth step, the man slips back Rshaping to partner and leading her to step forward L in front of himturning LF 1/2. Partners have traded sides. On the last step, he stepsfwd L turning 1/4 LF to face partner (woman steps back R and turns 1/4LF to face partner).

Inthe second measure, the man steps fwd R joining lefthands in varsouvienne position COH (W continues to turn LF and stepsfwd L facing COH), -, fwd L checking and lowering with a little bit ofa "chair" feeling (W fwd R), he releases left hands and stepsbk R (W bk L beginning to turn RF); At this point, the man is facingCOH and the woman is in the process of turning and maybe facing LOD oreven DLW.

In a facing position with lead hands joined, step sideand forward R with right side stretch (woman side and fwd L) to a "V"position with lead shoulders close. Slip thru L with a checking action,like a New Yorker, shaping toward partner. Some dancers bring the leadhands thru as in a New Yorker, but we prefer to leave them extendedhorizontally back. On the second "quick" recover R (woman recover L)and raise lead hands, leading woman to turn under. In the secondmeasure, both step forward, the man beginning a tight LF turn and thewoman beginning a tighter RF underarm turn. The man finishes with a fwdR turning, and fwd L turning to face partner (woman fwd L turning underjoined lead hands, fwd R to face).

By its very nature, the Nordschleife was impossible to make safe in its old configuration. It soon became apparent that it would have to be completely overhauled if there was any prospect of Formula One returning there - the Nürburgring's administration and race organizers were not willing to provide the enormous expense of providing the number of marshals needed for a Grand Prix - up to six times the amount that most other circuits needed. With this in mind, in 1981 work began on a 4.556 km (2.831 mi)-long new circuit, which was built on and around the old pit area. 041b061a72


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