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Girls Forever (511) Mp4

The WindsorEssex Community Foundation is announcing funding totaling $280,000 to nine organizations leading initiatives to support women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender-diverse individuals working towards a future grounded in equity, inclusion and justice. The funding is through the Fund for Gender Equality. This initiative is part of a partnership with Community Foundations of Canada, funded through the Government of Canada. The WindsorEssex Community Foundation is one of 21 local community foundations from coast to coast to coast that are taking part. In total, these community foundations are granting over $3.4M towards the gender equality movement.

Girls Forever (511) mp4

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This camp was an absolutely amazing experience! Chryssie, Alexis and all the guest teachers offer so much insight that helps you grow in singing, dancing, and acting. Getting to work with these incredible teachers every day for a week equipped me with helpful audition tips and experiences that I will take with me forever. I personally loved the workshop feel of each session and the support that I felt from the rest of the students. If you are considering it, I highly recommend investing in this camp! 041b061a72


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