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Silkroad Otomatik Basma Program  (AutoFuser)


What is Silkroad Otomatik Basma Program (AutoFuser) and how to use it

Silkroad Otomatik Basma Program (AutoFuser) is a software that helps players of the online game Silkroad to automatically fuse items and enhance their equipment. It is also known as Silkroad Art Basma Program or Auto Alchemy. It can save time and effort for players who want to improve their gear and skills.

The program works by scanning the inventory of the player and finding the items that can be fused together. It then performs the fusion process automatically, using the appropriate materials and stones. The program can also detect the immortal stones that are needed to prevent the items from breaking during fusion. The program has an English interface for users who are not familiar with Turkish.

To use the program, players need to download it from a reliable source and install it on their computer. They also need to have a Silkroad account and a character that has access to the alchemy system. The program can be launched before or after logging into the game. The program will ask for the username and password of the player, which are used to connect to the game server and perform the fusion actions.

The program has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows players to customize their settings and preferences. They can choose which items they want to fuse, how many times they want to repeat the process, and what level of enhancement they want to achieve. They can also set a limit for the amount of gold they want to spend on fusion materials. The program will show the progress and results of the fusion process on the screen.

Silkroad Otomatik Basma Program (AutoFuser) is a useful tool for players who want to optimize their gameplay and enjoy the benefits of alchemy without spending too much time and effort. However, players should be careful when using the program, as it may violate the terms of service of Silkroad and result in account suspension or ban. Players should also scan the program for viruses or malware before installing it, as some sources may contain harmful files or links.

Silkroad is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is set in a historical fantasy world inspired by the ancient Silk Road trade route. The game features three regions: China, Europe, and Arabia. Players can choose from eight classes and three races: Chinese, European, and Arabian. Each class and race has its own skills, abilities, and equipment.

The game also has a unique PvP system that involves three factions: the Hunters, the Thieves, and the Traders. The Hunters are tasked with protecting the Traders from the Thieves, who try to rob them of their goods. The Traders can earn money by transporting goods from one city to another. The Thieves can earn money by stealing goods from the Traders or the Hunters. The PvP system creates a dynamic and competitive environment for players who enjoy combat and challenge.

Another feature of the game is the alchemy system, which allows players to fuse items and enhance their equipment. Alchemy can increase the attributes and effects of items, such as attack power, defense, critical rate, durability, and more. Alchemy can also add special abilities to items, such as immunity, absorption, reflection, and more. Alchemy requires materials and stones that can be obtained from monsters, quests, or shops. Alchemy can also fail or succeed depending on the luck and skill of the player. 061ffe29dd


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