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Buy Level Gloves

A common question customers ask us is how to measure their hands to order the correct size LEVEL gloves. After all, to be effective, snowboard gloves with wrist guards have to be properly sized for your hand, and have to be worn correctly to be effective in preventing wrist injuries.

buy level gloves

Protect yourself from snowboarding wrist injuries with LEVEL snowboard gloves with built-in BioMex wrist guards. Shop our collection of LEVEL BioMex gloves - including models for Men, Women, and Kids - in both glove and mitten styles. Top-of-the-line models like the LEVEL Super Pipe Gloves and LEVEL HalfPipe gloves also feature "BioMex Plus" - extra padding on the wrist guards for additional comfort and shock reduction. Read more about LEVEL snowboard gloves with wrist guards below, with an excellent video explaining BioMex wrist guards and why they're so effective at preventing snowboard wrist injuries.

Find great additional information about LEVEL gloves, BioMex, glove care and cleaning, etc. Check out:The Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards - Top Models ComparedHow to: Order the Right Size LEVEL GlovesHow to: Properly Wear LEVEL Snowboard GlovesLEVEL Thermo-Plus Technology - ExplainedHow to: Restore Water Repellency to your LEVEL Gloves with GoreTexAll the latest Blog posts..

Naturally, we're partial to the LEVEL Super Pipe Gloves. Over the last few years, LEVEL has toned down the look a bit to make the SuperPipes more subtle (the studs on the fingers are gone) and refined. However, it's still at the top of LEVEL's line up of impressive protective snowboard gloves. The Super Pipe gets our vote for the Snowboarding Glove That Has Everything.

Very close behind the Super Pipes are the LEVEL Half Pipe Snowboard Gloves and Half Pipe Mittens. The Half Pipes offer the same BioMex wrist protection as the LEVEL Super Pipes but without some of the extra leather treatment and abrasion resistant fabric (and a bit lower price). The LEVEL Half Pipe gloves come in men's and women's Half Pipe glove versions as well as men's and LEVEL Half Pipe women's mitten styles.

LEVEL is an Italian manufacturer of snowboarding gloves, snowboard mittens, ski racing gloves, poles, and beanies. LEVEL products are born in the Italian Alps, and the company is a leader in innovation and style. LEVEL's unique technology includes the best selling Biomex Wrist Guard System, proven to significantly reduce the risk of wrist injuries while snowboarding, and Kevlar reinforced finger and palm constructions for exceptional durability. The Bliss line, designed just for women, features "Warmer for Women" technology. With its vast of array of insulation and waterproofing technologies, you can count on LEVEL to keep you warm and dry in even the harshest climates and coldest weather. and all Level products are built to make skiing and riding warmer, dryer, and more comfortable. LEVEL "firsts" include:Snowboard-specific gloves (1988)Removable liner system for snowboard gloves (1988)Protection technology for snowboard gloves (1992)"Breathable System" to help keep gloves dry (1994)Kevlar reinforced construction (1999)Backcountry concept: snowboard-ski gloves for mountaineering use (2001)Printed silicone palms (2001)Reflex stimulator system (Kirax) (2002)"Overgloves" as a new market segment (2005)

LEVEL BioMex gloves / BioMex wrist guards are uniquely effective in preventing wrist injuries. Why? Because the BioMex design strengthens your own bodies capability to deal with impact forces across 3 axis. Unlike other snowboard gloves with wrist guards inside, LEVEL's snowboard gloves with BioMex wrist guards inside keep your hands in an anatomically correct position during a crash.

All LEVEL snowboard protective gloves and mittens feature BioMex wrist guards and removable/washable interior liners. In addition, the Super Pipe and Half Pipe models also feature "BioMex Plus" dual density guards that offer higher resistance and advanced comfort over the standard BioMex models. For more information regarding BioMex, see the video below or our article on LEVEL BioMex Wrist Guards.

The LEVEL brand is a well recognized leader in snowboard gloves, snowboard mittens, ski gloves, ski racing gloves and mittens, and ski poles. LEVEL products are born in the Italian Alps and the company is a recognized leader in glove innovation and style. LEVEL gloves became Scheuing Sport AG when the company moved from Italy to Switzerland in 2014. LEVEL's unique technology includes the market leading Biomex Wrist Guards, proven to significantly reduce the risk of wrist injuries while snowboarding, and Kevlar reinforced finger and palm constructions for exceptional durability. The Bliss line, designed just for women, features "Warmer for Women" technology. With its vast of array of insulation and waterproofing technologies, you can count on LEVEL gloves to keep you warm and dry in even the harshest climates and coldest weather. and all LEVEL products are built to make skiing and riding warmer, dryer, and more comfortable.

In 2016 ANSI and ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) released an updated scale with 9 levels of cut protection. The levels indicate how many grams of cutting load a glove can withstand from a sharp blade before being penetrated.

What about mid-level cut resistance? Look for a cut level of between A3 and A5 (ANSI) and/or C to E (EN 388) if you need gloves for jobs that require good cut resistance but also a high level of dexterity, such as:

When is it safe to choose gloves with less cut protection? Consider gloves with less protection when your risk of cuts and punctures is very low, and when the injury would be very minor if a cut did occur. This kind of glove is a great option when you need something agile and comfortable with minimal protection, potentially for jobs like:

The 1000 grams of cutting load refers to the force given to the blade during a cut resistance test conducted in a lab. Since woodcarving is requiring cut protection and dexterity, I would like to recommend 3 gloves with great cut protection and high dexterity:TC3 (#6121): -series/products/tc3C-40 : -series/products/c-40Brutus LD: -series/products/brutus-ld

The C-13 is the insulated gloves with cut protection which is the best option for cold environments. Even though the water-resistant dip on the glove covers up to the knuckle of the gloves, the gloves have cut protection level A3 in ANSI standards which should be good protection against cut hazards. For more information, please visit the link below to check out our C-13 gloves: -series/products/c-13

Im in the food industry. Cut fruit and veggies every day. Also wash andsoak in an antimocrobial solution. Basically a mild salt water solution. Do you have any cut resistant gloves that are waterproof and warm ? Its all kept in a 38degree cooler and I cant feel my fingers after a couple mins. Which makes cuts even more likely.

The gloves also have 7-gauge acrylic lining, keeping your hand warm. The work gloves have sandy latex coating that repels water and stays flexible even in cold weather conditions. Compliant with European EN 388=3542 standard, meaning the 713WSLK gloves are tested for the ability to resist rubbing, cutting, and puncture by a pointed object.

More advanced hockey gloves feature elite tech materials for maximum protection in a lightweight, flexible glove. The inclusion of Thermo Core or other microfiber liners helps to handle moisture and smell. For example, some Bauer hockey gloves feature Hyperlite high-density foam for heavy-duty protection in a lightweight construction, while some CCM hockey gloves feature high performance Zotefoam and premium Clarino synthetic leather palms.

Gloves come in three general fit categories: traditional, anatomical, and tapered fit. The traditional four-roll glove is roomier for a wider range of motion without resistance on the fingers when you move your hand. The anatomical fit hugs the hands and fingers, designed to feel like an extension of the hand. Hockey gloves also come in a tapered design, similar to anatomical fit but with slightly more space inside the glove for a greater range of motion.

The cost of hockey gloves ranges from $30 for a starter Youth pair to upward of $200 for elite-level Senior gloves. We offer gloves at all price points for any level of play, and we frequently offer sales and discounts.

Correctly sized gloves meet with the elbow pad, leaving no part of the lower arm exposed. Hockey gloves should be sturdy enough to protect a player's hand and forearm, while allowing enough mobility to handle the stick well. A pair of youth hockey gloves usually costs from $30 to $60, but you can often find a pair on sale or clearance.

Higher-quality gloves have better constructed, more durable palms, while entry-level gloves are made with lesser-grade materials that break down faster. Protecting your hockey glove palms with good hygiene and the right grip tape will extend the life of the palm. Some hockey gloves are made with replaceable palms. For example, TRUE Hockey offers the Z-Palm replacement for select glove models, featuring different constructions to suit different styles of play.

The life of your gloves depends a lot on how often you play. If you play six hours a week, your gloves are likely to wear out much more quickly than if you play six hours a month. For adult players who have been through a few pairs, the signs of wear will be obvious. Fortunately, gloves are still functional even with moderate wear in the backhand and palm. If the palm is brittle or full of holes, you can take steps like repalming your gloves to put off buying a new pair until the entire glove needs replacing in earnest.

Regularly cleaning and drying your hockey gloves can further extend the lifespan of your equipment and prevent the materials from breaking down too quickly. Remember: hockey gloves are air-dry only; never put your hockey gloves in the dryer. Spritz your gloves with gear cleaner and prop them open to air dry after every use. 041b061a72


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