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How Shall I Use Windows Media Center As An Extender For Streaming Live Tvs With Other Windows 8 PCs

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These are managed applications written using the WMC API and packaged as CLI assemblies. Presentation Layer applications can have full access to both the .NET Framework as well as the Windows Media Center API, with the latter exposing a managed object model to access and manipulate the current states of the media management and playback, live television, video recording as well as the presentation capabilities of Windows Media Center. Presentation Layer applications are rendered using the bitmap-based Windows Media Center Presentation Layer, the user-input and presentation system of WMC. Presentation Layer includes support for animations, dynamic layout, keyboard/mouse as well as remote navigation. Presentation Layer applications can be streamed over RDP to Windows Media Center Extenders; so Presentation Layer applications run on the extenders without any modification. Presentation Layer, however, exists only in the Windows Vista version of WMC.[37][38]

I downloaded and ran DCA override successfully. I ran it BEFORE I did the DCA set up in windows mediacenter. I now pass the first two! I fail your video card or driver does not support content protection.

Awesome! Thank you so much for this. Worked like a charm for Win 7 media center in Hyper-V. This was the last step for getting my setup to work with a Ceton InfiniTV 6 eth tuner, virtualized windows media center and extenders throughout the house.

Hi Grace,The Windows event log may tell why VideoPsalm failed to start.The following article describes how to get the information out of the "Event log": -explains-what-the-windows-event-viewer-is-and-how-you-can-use-it/VideoPsalm needs to read, write and update files on the hard-drive, mainly in the public documents folder.This folder is a place where your PC users can store files to share them between themselves.C:\Users\Public\DocumentsAdditionally, VideoPsalm needs to read and write to your own user folder, where it stores the songbooks, Bibles, etc.:C:\Users\Marc\DocumentsOne possible reason why VideoPsalm fails to operate could be related to an add-in program that is running in the background of your PC, that prohibits you from using it as you want.Such an add-in program is possibly an antivirus, like BitDefender, Norton, Avast or Karspersky, Windows Defender, etc.Sometimes, you need to adjust your antivirus settings, to allow VideoPsalm to operate.Another person reported what he did to solve the problem:/*I was able to resolve the issue that evening, as it was the Windows Defender in Windows 10, preventing the application from running properly.Apparently, I needed to add the folder to a list of allowed folders within the windows defender app, (similar to adding an application to the allowed list in a firewall).The issue was most likely encountered after a recent windows update, as we had no problems the week before when using VideoPsalm.Once the public folder containing the VideoPsalm files were added to windows defender app, the issue was no longer encountered and ran successfully.*/Another person reported this other method:/*I have solved the problem in this way : - I use Windows 7 :Click on Start button : Type 'firewall' in search box : In results double click 'Allow a program through Windows firewall' : In list of programs VideoPsalm does not appear : Click 'Change Settings' : Click 'Allow another program' : Select VideoPsalm in list : Click 'OK'VideoPsalm now works as expected.*/Please let me know how you solved the problem.

If you're having trouble pairing your phone with the speaker, it could be because the speaker is trying to connect with another device. While your laptop, tablet, or phone may be the obvious choices, there are other possibilities. For instance, you may have paired your speaker to your TV or streaming media player.

I just had a similar test this weekend on my home setup. I have 5 boxes connected, two laptops, TV's Dlna, ipads, etc. So I was going to build a server 2012 R2 so I could go the AD rout


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