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Iron Man 300 Comic Book

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Iron Man 300 Comic Book

Comics began the year very slightly up in dollars, with Marvel's Siege launching in January. Top trade paperback sales were well off, but the difference was made up in trades deeper in the backlist. In February, the "dead-quarter" doldrums droned on, with the softest February in Top 300 Unit Sales since 2004. March, with a five-week month, rolled up big comparative numbers with the finale of Blackest Night; April gave those gains back. Sales on new comics improved in May, but overall sales still lagged due to weakness in the trade paperback category. Midyear found major publishers dominating the top-sellers list, with a record-low 15 publishers in the Top 300. Sales were off slightly at the end of June year-over-year. Marvel sought to replicate the success of the 1991 multi-cover X-Men #1 with a new edition in July. August saw the top-selling comic book dip back beneath 100,000 copies. September closed out the worst quarter for periodical sales since the second quarter of 2001. In October, the Top 300 comics posted the highest average comics price yet seen, $3.72. Diamond also began releasing comparative sales statistics, helping to pinpoint sales not in the Top 300s. November set yet another record for high prices, with a weighted average of $3.69. December closed the year down 3%. You can find the first-month sales for these issues in the monthly charts; you can also click one of the months at the bottom of this page or use the search tool at the top of the page to find the specific issue. Click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the year.

The Top 300 Comics each month sold 69.2 million copies (-8% vs. previous year) All comics sold by Diamond (in units)73.8 million copies(-5.91% vs. previous year)

The Top 300 Comics sold each month had a total retail price of $245.72 million (-5% vs. previous year) All comics sold by Diamond (in dollars) $266 million (-4.65% vs. previous year)

The Top 300 Comics and Top 300 Graphic Novels sold each month had a combined total retail price of$321.98 million (-4% vs. previous year) All comics and graphic novels sold by Diamond (in dollars) (-3.48% vs. previous year)

Like most comics of the era, 1990s issues of Marvel's Iron Man can best be described with one word: extreme. Following the deconstruction and subsequent rebuilding of Tony Stark in the 1980s, the following decade would see even more radical changes to the character and his supporting cast.

As the first volume of the Iron Man comic, ongoing since 1968, was canceled, the 90s saw the armored Avenger's book relaunched twice in one decade. Further milestones included the debut of the Iron Man-led team book Force Works, and James Rhodes, the second Iron Man, finally escaping Tony Stark's shadow with a new identity: War Machine.

When the time-traveling Immortus corrupts Tony Stark, the Avengers use an experimental time machine of Stark's design to recruit a past version of the hero to aid them. The storyline, called "The Crossing," is one of Iron Man's weirdest comic book arcs, but it was an undeniably ambitious attempt to refresh the character for new readers during the 90s comic book boom period.

Avengers #395 features the aftermath of the confrontation between the two Tonys and the death of the original. Following this issue, the new, teen Tony would take over the Iron Man comic, which evolved from a corporate drama into a tale of a wide-eyed teenage genius, not yet influenced by his adult triumphs and failures.

When Tony Stark, previously thought deceased, is revealed to have faked his death and frozen himself in order to heal his mounting injuries, a wedge develops between him and his longtime friend James Rhodes, who had inherited the Iron Man identity and leadership of Stark's businesses in his absence. Reeling from the perceived betrayal, Rhodes departed from the Iron Man comic and was spun off into his own series with a new identity: War Machine.

Once again occupying Marvel's original re


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