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[TRENDING] WooCommerce Variation Master


[TRENDING] WooCommerce Variation Master

Keeping your plugin updated is crucial for security and stability of your site. We try to update our variation swatches for woocommerce pro plugin regularly. You can enable auto update for this swatch plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

To glorify your product variation choice functions, you can add the images, colors, and labels in style. This is one of the best woocommerce variation swatches plugins that make things easier for your customers.

Detecting the parent category is no problem. I can't work out how limit the number of variations that are displayed. I could prevent the purchase of certain variations using the Woocommerce filter woocommerce_available_variation, but I actually want to remove the options from the page all together.

I found two filters woocommerce_variation_is_active and woocommerce_variation_is_visible which allow you to grey-out or hide certain information for a particular variation. This still doesn't allow me to prevent them from displaying all together. 1e1e36bf2d


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