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Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood Crack 1.03 ^HOT^

While in the movie, Thresh was killed by Cato. After Cato was discovered to have killed Clove, he was thrown to the ground and subsequently arrested by the Capitol. In the book, he was not jailed but rather taken to a hospital. In the end, Thresh was used as a scapegoat by both Cato and Peeta when they discovered that he killed Clove. Cato was sentenced to District 13, and returned as an elder. He outlasted Peafowl and was the last of his kind to remain alive.[28]

In The Hunger Games, Clove explains to Katniss that a boy was killed at the Cornucopia. She also mentions that Peeta did not survive the arena. After that, Katniss confronts Peeta about who he is protecting him from, with the latter replying that the Capitol operates under the "Capitol Standard". Katniss reveals that she knew the boy was another tribute, who was a boy from District 12 named Gale, and that he was killed by Cato. Peeta doesn't deny covering up Cato's crime, but he also adds that the Capitol wouldn't allow him to identify his source since he is a tribute (allowing him to escape the arena). When Katniss asks why he protected Cato instead of the other tribute, Peeta freely admits that the District 11 tribute was a pain in his ass and used his life as a bargaining chip to keep Cato alive, reasoning that his death would be much more devastating than Cato's.

In the book, Clove's mentorship was terminated because she befriended and protected Rue, which she did not do before. She accompanied the Careers on their mission to the Capitol and told Gale to play it cool in the Capitol, but the Capitol's cruelty got to her and she began to have nightmares. When she opened a vision of Rue, her friend and mentor, she began screaming and the vision shook. Cato, who saw Clove in this vision, began to brutally beat her. The same day, Cato ordered Thresh to kill Clove when Clove's nightmares became too hard to handle.[10] d2c66b5586


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