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Austin Anderson
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Trap Boom 2 Vst ~UPD~ Download

Trap Boom 2 is here. Compatible for both windows & Mac 32/64 Bit. Comes in both VST & Audio unit formats. Taking trap instruments and their unique sound deisgn to the next level. Trap boom 2 is the follow up to award winning Trap Boom workstation we released in Oct 2012. Covers 13 instrument categories that are sure to make your beats have that Future , Migos, Metro Boomin type of sound. Trap Boom 2 is the #1 Trap music vst plugin on the market. Get your copy today

Trap Boom 2 Vst Download


The relatively new plugin GLORY has come to play its role in trap music with multiple features and settings. The plugin gives you enough buttons and settings for all your hi--hats, 808s, kicks, and much more.

And also individual sound mixing options with quality-sounding beats. Glory is simple to use, great for trap beat-making, quick with its functions and has enough space for multiple hi-hats, 808s, punchy kicks, and much more.

The bass and sub-bass are essential in the trap music genre, and the SubLab by Future Audio Workshop is an efficient Bass shaping tool. This plugin allows the user to sample kicks and basses for trap production in a few simple steps and provides hands-on control over sound design, compression, distortion, filtering, and much more.

Like its sibling plugins, HUSTLE 2 is a well-equipped trap plugin with grime and gritty sound style. It is equipped with almost all the same knobs and settings as the other plugins from the UJAM beatmaker series, making it reasonably easy to use. Equipped with vast presets, instruments, kits, and settings, this puts its users at an advantage.

The RC-20 retro color by XLN is an excellent plugin for trap producers looking for an old-school sound design style. You can play your music through this plugin, set filters, and edit the sounds with multiple effects from distortion, wobble, vinyl, and much more.

808 studio 2 comes with around 80 presets that you can select, along with many more samples that you can input through the library, or you can import the files from your DAW to create innovative sounds for your trap music.

The 808 studio 2 Bass synth is efficient with its sound design, and the user interface is intricate yet easy to use once learned. Bass and 808s are an integral part of trap music, and the tools in 808 Studio help you shape, compress, filter, oscillate, and much more.

The Vocal Synth 2 by iZotope is an excellent tool for vocal sound design for the trap genre. This plugin uses high-end technology to create features such as Biovox, which adds human-like sounds to your audio. You can also change vowels through a simple feature that makes this plugin one of the most innovative plugins.

Diginoiz Hattricks plugin is relatively simple to navigate through, with enough features for you to explore for advanced trap beat hi-hats. Hattricks is a plugin solely made for creating hi-hat patterns and fills, making it a specialized plugin. It is quick and efficient, and it can make your trap hi-hats sound detailed and innovative.

IOTA Mini by AngelicVibes enables you to create music faster compared to many other beatmaker plugins. IOTA MINI gives you a shortcut into a better sound selection for trap music, along with an interactive and easy user interface.

808 bass module by Electronik Sound Lab is helpful as a sub-bass and 808 instruments plugin. This plugin enables you to get the juicy low-end that a trap beat requires. The plugin is useful for electronic, hip-hop, and Trap producers. You can utilize and reshape the quality sounds in its library for the best 808s and low-frequency instruments.

The BPB Cassette Drum plugin series are some easy-to-use drum plugins through which you can explore a variety of drum sounds and original samples. You can also play it with your MIDI and record the instruments live. Once you download it, you can utilize the samples and route individual outputs for each instrument for more control in your DAW.

Subdivine Lite has one job: to provide you with a library of six 808s and sub-basses with enough distortion for your gritty trap beat. The plugin provides you with limited but useful features that you can use for your trap beats.

The HUM808 by Callybeats is a great drum and bass instrument plugin with multiple sound design features such as oscillators, ADSR, EQ, and 162 presets and sounds. This plugin equips you with all a trap producer needs, the right sounds, and the efficient tools.

The 808 Machine by Pyrit is a sub-bass 808-style plugin with sounds that will change your trap beats. With this plugin, you can create modern trap beats that contain modern trap 808s and synth basses. You can customize your sounds with the many helpful design tools provided by Pyrit, and you can also process these 808sthrough your DAW.

Trap boom plugins have been a series since 2013. The plugin we are talking about had three predecessor plugins. Trap Boom 4 is the latest version with a whole new approach to sound design and a new sound library.

And you also have plugins that allow you to dive into deep sound design and beat-making, like the RC-20 and the legendary TR-808. You can download these plugins after learning the vast features these plugins provide.

With multiple choices of plugins available, now you can create drums with the plugins like NI Battery 4, Iota Mini, TRAX, and many more instruments. When you need a sub-heavy trap beat, use SubLabs and HUM808 and 808 Machine, and other 808 plugins in the list.

Add an old-school effect to your trap beats through plugins like Cassette Drums and XLN RC-20. We hope you enjoyed learning about these plugins and found the article helpful in finding the right trap plugins to enhance your production skills.

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