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How To Download MGK’s Rap Devil For Free - The Ultimate Eminem Diss Track

Rap Devil is a response to Eminems diss track Not Alike, where he criticizes Machine Gun Kelly for his appearance, his music, and his comments about his daughter Hailie. Machine Gun Kelly fires back with Rap Devil, where he mocks Eminems age, his beard, his albums, and his status as a rap legend.

How to Download MGK’s Rap Devil for Free - The Ultimate Eminem Diss Track


Rap Devil was released on September 3, 2018, by Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records, as a single from Machine Gun Kellys second extended play Binge. The song was produced by Ronny J and Nils. The title is a play on Eminems nickname Rap God.

Rap Devil became a viral hit, reaching number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number one on the iTunes chart. The song also received over 363 million views on YouTube, where you can watch the official music video. The video shows Machine Gun Kelly rapping in various locations, such as a rooftop, a parking lot, and a diner.

If you want to download Rap Devil by Machine Gun Kelly for free, you can use one of the many online converters that allow you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files. You just need to copy and paste the URL of the video and choose the format and quality you want. Then you can save the file to your device and enjoy listening to it anytime.

However, be aware that downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal and can get you in trouble. You should always respect the rights of the artists and support them by buying their music or streaming it on legal platforms.

Rap Devil by Machine Gun Kelly is one of the most controversial and popular rap diss tracks of all time. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to admit that he delivered some hard-hitting bars and challenged one of the greatest rappers ever. If you are curious about what he had to say, you can download Rap Devil by Machine Gun Kelly for free and judge for yourself.

Machine Gun Kelly claimed that he apologized to Eminem privately and that he meant no disrespect. He also said that he was a fan of Eminem and that he was influenced by his music. However, Eminem did not accept his apology and continued to hold a grudge against him. He finally addressed the issue in 2018, when he dissed Machine Gun Kelly on his album Kamikaze.

Machine Gun Kelly was not the only rapper that Eminem dissed on Kamikaze. He also targeted Drake, Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, Tyler the Creator, Joe Budden, and many others. He said that he was fed up with the state of rap music and that he wanted to prove that he was still the best. He also said that he was not afraid of anyone and that he was ready for any response.

Machine Gun Kelly was one of the few rappers who responded to Eminems diss. He said that he was not intimidated by Eminem and that he wanted to stand up for himself and his generation. He also said that he respected Eminem as a rapper but not as a person. He accused him of being bitter, insecure, and hypocritical.

The rap beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has divided the rap fans and critics. Some people think that Machine Gun Kelly won the battle with his witty and catchy Rap Devil. Others think that Eminem won the battle with his ruthless and technical Killshot. Some people think that both rappers lost the battle with their childish and unnecessary insults. What do you think? 04f6b60f66


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