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Julian Guriev
Julian Guriev

Resident Evil LINK

The smell of blood and festering limbs permeated the concrete walls of the Raccoon City police station. Once an art museum, the building was converted into a precinct at the heart of the city. But when evil took residence, the station showed one last terrifying exhibition: corpses crowding narrow corridors, blood smeared on shattered windows, and festering flesh dripping down the stairs.

Resident evil


Perhaps the most elbow grease went into rewriting the game's story, though the narrative beats are all the same. You play as Leon Kennedy, now a special agent of the United States president sent to a remote Spanish village in search of the president's missing daughter, Ashley Graham. At that village, all hell breaks loose. You're soon confronted by scores of angry locals infected by a parasite, Las Plagas, making them easy for the game's main antagonist to control without completely losing their mental faculties. Leon's nightmare takes him through the remote village, into the bowels of a baroque castle hoarded over by a ghoulish Napoleon wannabe, and then finally onto the shores of a military stronghold. All the while, monsters, gore, and death follow. 041b061a72


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