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FPV Freerider [hacked]l


1. If you unzip the file on a Windows machine and transfer the file to your mac with a USB stick it shouldwork.2. Better solution for anybody else who has this problem. MacOS is picky about which programs can be run(the first time) by double-clicking. To run a program that says "this can't be opened", right-click the icon andchoose "Open". You'll be given an option to open the program, and from then on it won't bug you.3. For Mac's having trouble installing FPV Freerider try going to the Mac's System Preferences>Security andPrivacy> General Tab and check the box "Anywhere" to see if this allows your Mac to install FPV Freerider.4. For anybody who is still having the issue of the simulator not opening you need to open up terminal andtype sudo chmode +x ( and that should do it.It should look something like:chmod +x "/Applications/"or chmod +x /Applications/ sudo at the start if needed).After that you might need to go to your Mac menu System Preferences>Security & PrivacyIf it says something like "Freerider was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer" youneed to select "Open Anyway". 1e1e36bf2d


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