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Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson

Haunted Child In Bengali Movie Mp3 Download

A woman named Sheba Mitra comes to a remote hill town, Nijhumgarh to be the governess of girl child Ranu. Shankar Roy, the owner of the almost haunted bungalow called Raykuthi. Ranu is his only child. Sheba came to know everything is going mysterious surrounding her. She tried to know the history about the Bungalow and the dwellers and started investigation secretly. Old family friend Dr. Choudhury and Shankar's cousine Satyabhusan were very much related with the family. Sheba suddenly knew that two murders took place there nearly seven years earlier. She watched that mysterious incidents are happening. A lady like Shankar's deceased wife sings and walks in the adjacent jungle almost every night to attract the girl child and his father Shankar. Now Sheba could only pray for it to Go Away as incidents transcend the rules of our physical world. It revealed that the main culprit is one very close and trusted to the family.

Haunted Child In Bengali Movie Mp3 Download


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