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Ventuz Technology Ventuz Designer x64

Ventuz Technology is a company that specializes in creating real-time 3D graphics software for various applications, such as broadcast, events, presentations, digital signage, and interactive installations. One of their flagship products is Ventuz Designer, a powerful and versatile tool for designing and authoring real-time 3D graphics and interactive content.


Ventuz Designer x64 is the latest version of Ventuz Designer as of September 2023. It is compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems and requires a valid Ventuz license to run. This version includes several new features and improvements, such as:

  • Support for glTF 2.0 format, which allows importing realistic PBR materials and animations from Substance Designer and Painter

  • Improved Cinema4D Live Link, which enables a seamless workflow between Cinema4D and Ventuz Designer with live updates of assets in the Ventuz scene

  • New Unreal Plugin, which allows integrating Unreal Engine scenes and assets into Ventuz projects with full interactivity and data connectivity

  • Enhanced Emoji Package, which provides a large collection of emojis that can be used in text elements and animations

Ventuz Designer x64 offers a node-based user interface, where nodes are small building blocks that can be stacked or connected to create visuals and logic. It also features layer-based real-time 2D/3D compositing, state-logic animation system, gesture-based and multi-user interaction, data integration, and more. Ventuz Designer can be used to create stunning graphics and content for various domains, such as broadcast graphics, sports analysis, election coverage, product launches, corporate presentations, trade shows, museums, and more.

Ventuz Technology Ventuz Designer x64 is a cutting-edge software that combines creativity, interactivity, and data in a real-time 3D environment. It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to create impressive and engaging graphics and content for any purpose.


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