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Julian Guriev
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Pilota motos de nieve para infiltrarte en una mina de diamantes en "Hielo negro" o dirígete a la India, donde "Negociador" dejará el destino de los rehenes en sus manos. Hielo negro: surca el hielo con tu moto de nieve mientras te infiltras en una mina de diamantes y colocas explosivos de alta potencia para fundir algo más que la nieve. Negociador: pon al día tu karma y viaja a la India para una extracción de rehenes de alto riesgo en una nueva misión de Operaciones especiales en la que tendrás que irrumpir y despejar estancias y recorrer calles para poner a los VIP a salvo.


In the campaign, the P90 is a rare weapon only used occasionally by the Russian Ultranationalists in the later levels of the game. It can be found most commonly in "Heat", "All Ghillied Up", and "Mile High Club", but can also appear on other levels of the game. Typically, the weapon is found unsuppressed and with iron sights. However, one can be found with a Suppressor and Red Dot Sight in "All Ghillied Up" labeled as "P90-SD".

The P90 is very similar statistically to the Mini-Uzi, another SMG. The SMGs have the same damage and range. The P90 has superior centerspeed, far superior magazine capacity, far superior reload speeds, and the unique ability to sprint for far longer when Extended Mags is equipped. The Mini-Uzi has a very slightly higher fire rate, but the difference is negligible, the Mini-Uzi has faster switch speeds, and the Mini-Uzi has much less horizontal recoil per shot, and is generally the more accurate SMG. All things considered, unless the user is displeased with the P90's accuracy, the P90 is always a better choice than the Mini-Uzi, with the Mini-Uzi only having slight advantages over the P90 in niche categories in exchange for massive downgrades in several relevant categories.

Extended Mags increases the P90's magazine capacity to 75 rounds and increases the starting ammo loadout to an enormous 225 rounds. This attachment isn't exactly the most beneficial attachment to the P90 since the attachment accentuates two large strengths, but the Extended Mags can only help the P90, and the P90 statistically gains the most from the attachment versus all other SMGs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) features the most diverse set of weapons yet. Nearly every weapon is viable with the right build and playstyle, even handguns. The Basilisk is the perfect example of this, featuring plenty of attachments that radically change the weapon's performance to suit all game types.

This build converts the Basilisk into pocket shotguns. The star of the show is the .500 Snakeshot attachment, replacing the weapon's default ammunition with buckshot shells. Hipfire accuracy is incredibly important here, so we use the 10.5'' FTAC Arrow barrel and the Revo-LSD 7mw laser to drastically improve our hipfire accuracy. The Bryson HTA increases our fire rate. The final attachment should either be the SO RO-99 Grip if you want to quickswap to your pistol or Akimbo to pack some serious firepower up close.

You will be able to recover the throwing knife regardless if it hits the enemy or not. Going near where the knife lands will automatically put it back to your inventory. This makes a quiet and reusable lethal option.

The Riot Shield works especially well with the throwing knife. If any enemy throws a throwing knife that hits your riot shield, the knife will automatically be added to your equipment! Keep in mind that this is purely situational.

The game does require Rosetta 2 to run on Apple Silicon Macs. But Rosetta 2 works so seamlessly (it installs automatically the first time it detects an Intel-based app), and it integrates so well with macOS that the experience is virtually the same as running a native Apple Silicon Mac.


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