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Download Game Ao Oni 5.2 Extra Quality


Ao Oni uses a large number of free and stock RPG sound effects and music. The frightening music and ambient breathing heard during the game have become staples of the genre and are signature themes.

The "Equip" sound was only present in Version 1.1 and Version 3.0, and was actually left in the game unintentionally - there were parts of the menu called Skills, Equip, and Status. These parts of the menu were useless, due to the game not having any battle mechanics. When pressing the accept button (Enter, C, Spacebar) in the Equip menu (despite not having any equippable items), that sound would play.

In all versions of the game, there is a small room before the basement. In Version 1.1 and Version 3.0, the room is dark, and a significantly slowed down version of this sound plays in that room. This is the only place where a slowed down version of 017-Creature01.ogg is used, and it is nowhere to be found in Version 5.2 and Version 6.23.

In efficient game design, the MIDI engine should be started as the game boots up, but in previous versions of the game it is launched as soon as the music should be playing. On some older computers, this takes a few seconds, resulting in a few seconds of lag and game-freezing every time the Oni is set to appear during random encounters While it chases the Player.

A5_09285.WAV is a glass breaking sound used in all versions of Ao Oni, playing at the beginning of the game. In versions 3.0, 5.2 and 6.23, this sound scares Takeshi, but in Version 1.1, this sound scares Kazuya instead. In all versions, Hiroshi decides to go check what caused this sound, and it is revealed that it was just a plate shattering. When Hiroshi returns to the foyer, everyone is gone. In Version 5.2, this sound is also used everytime the roach oni crashes through a window.

A5_10333.WAV is a screaming sound used in Version 3.0 and Version 6.23. In both versions, there is a scene where the old man is running to the entrance door, but it's locked. He tries to open it, kicks it, but it doesn't open, and he starts screaming before getting attacked. This sound is never fully heard in-game, only a part of it.

A5_16491.wav is a haunting instrumental track that usually plays before the first encounter with the Oni. In all versions of the game, this ambient music plays after the Oni walks past for the first time. The audio file is 19 seconds long, and features an eerie bell-like pad that outlines an A flat augmented chord.

In Version 5.2 and Version 6.23, at certain points in the game, the oni crashes through the wooden floor and chases the player. It's unknown whether bosu14.wav or crash23.wav is used when the oni crashes through the floor, due to the sounds being very similiar.

sha02.wav is a low quality sound, to the point of the low quality being likely intentional. This sound is used in Version 1.1 and Version 3.0. In Version 1.1, after Hiroshi, Kazuya and Megumi drop the rope ladder, the oni starts to climb using the bricks in the well, with this sound playing over and over. In Version 3.0, this sound is used if you choose to escape alone. Hiroshi begins to climb the ladder, when suddenly, the oni runs to him, this sound plays and a game over occurs.

Ao OniRelease DateNovember 2008GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Horror, Non-RPGEngineRPG Maker XPStatusCompleteDownloadDownload LinkWiki LinkAo Oni Wiki view template pageAo Oni is an adventure horror game created by noprops.

The original version of the game, highly different from the following ones. It was only released in japanese. It features the most characters, and most of them having different personalities and appearances than their later counterparts, while other characters are completely erased.

The game begins when the protagonist, Hiroshi, and his friend, Kazuya, are forced to go to an abandoned mansion in the outskirts of town with Takuro and his gang. Once inside, the kids hear a crash in another room, and Hiroshi has to investigate, only to find a broken plate on the kitchen's


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