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Son Watches Mom Pee Files Watched

It has given me much comfort to read such personal stories about the devastation that is alzheimers. I thank every one of you for sharing. I too along with my brother, sister and my dad ( who suffered a massive stroke just four months after losing mum) watched my beautiful mum deteriorate very quickley to the end stages of alzheimers in 2015. It has affected me deeply over the last few years.No one can prepare you, for the end. My mum that that i loved so much starving to death, losing the function to swallow. Someone who had taken time and pride in preparing meals, enjoying their food, and caring for family, deteriorating faster then your own mind can deal with. My mum died in her own home which was a blessing. I pray that one day soon a cure to this awful disease named alzheimers will be found.

son watches mom pee files watched

Take a thorough history of substance use and review the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, currently operational in 49 states and the District of Columbia. The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is a valuable resource to determine whether patients have received prior opioid prescriptions or other high-risk medications such as benzodiazepines, and should be consulted when patients request opioid pain medication or when opioid misuse is suspected. This resource (available at can guide safe prescribing and help identify patients who suffer from opioid misuse or opioid use disorder and who would benefit from treatment. Several states now require that health care providers use Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs before prescribing certain controlled substances.

I went through identical crisis. My female stalker was a neighbour in my own block. That wormed her way in by saying she had anxiety. Reckon she probably watched me for several months then picked right time. She is currently in custody after being charged with arson (setting fire to my flat door) Case was adjourned to fight for a higher charge at a later date. She has borderline personality disorder. Star tattoo on cheek.

then, i started noticing males, of different ages at the gym, eyeing me. not from a romance type of thing, it seemed as if i was being watched. i would test it, by moving to an area where it was just me, a couple of minutes later here is a male, looking in that area, then leaving.


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