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Elizabeth Moraa
Elizabeth Moraa

Gem Wizards Tactics


Gem Wizards Tactics (opens in new tab) is a turn-based strategy game that uses terraforming, permadeath, and a healthy dose of fantasy humor to craft a tiny, arcade-like tactics game with an impressive layer of strategic depth. Each match generates a random battlefield of forests, rivers, plains, and mountains, along with several keeps and groups of enemies. The goal is to capture a handful of enemy flags which are found on each keep and occasionally carried by a powerful enemy, like the literal drill sergeant who wields a giant oil-powered drill. Or the reaper, a scythe-wielding horseman in all black who rides a pale horse and harvests nearby forests. And is also a potato.

Bumping and terraforming are fun but also crucial to winning matches. Beneath the head-bopping soundtrack and colorful pixel art this is one of the more challenging tactics games I've played. With overwhelming forces surrounding my meager army after only a few matches, and roguelike permadeath for each unit penalizing the slightest error or overextension, I found the campaign brutally impossible, even when multiple difficulty settings were added in a post-launch patch.

Can you stop the Business Demons from fracking & burning your lands to the ground Test your skills in the bumpiest, bounciest tactics game EVER MADE! Gem Wizards Tactics is a 1P turn-based tactics game with randomly generated maps and strange asymmetrical factions!

Take tight, puzzle-like tactics in the vein of Into the Breach and 868-HACK, add a big Fire Emblem-style overall package, and wrap the whole thing up in a nintendolicious candyflake aesthetic, and you have the new @keithburgun game, and it's great. - Frank Lantz, Director of the NYU Game Center

Key features:- Randomly generated maps that will provide endless fun- Multiple fight mechanics that allow for a variety of tactics combinations!- 4 different nations, with a total of 26 units with unique powers - combine them to unleash hell!- Many play modes including Story mode, campaign and custom games- Map editor which will allow you to prepare your own war scenarios- Colourful pixel art visuals and a captivating soundtrack!

Gem Wizards Tactics, a strategic turn-based hexagonal board game, tests your tactics and skill analysis level, launching adventures in randomly generated maps, defeating powerful enemies and finding treasure chests that can improve your abilities. The gem wizard game pays more attention to the choice of each step, and the enemy will take corresponding actions, so every step needs to be very careful. Endless challenges! 59ce067264


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