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Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf Download ((INSTALL))

Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf Download --->

How to Download Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf Online

Borang Nikah Selangor is a form that is required for Muslim couples who want to get married in Selangor, one of the states in Malaysia. The form contains information about the bride and groom, their witnesses, the marriage contract, and the consent of the religious authorities. The form can be downloaded online from the official website of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS).

To download Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf online, follow these steps:

Go to, which is the online application system for marriage permission in Malaysia.

Select your state of residence and click on "Permohonan Kebenaran Berkahwin Online" (Online Application for Marriage Permission).

Fill in the required details for both the bride and groom, such as name, identity card number, address, marital status, occupation, etc.

Upload the necessary documents, such as identity card, birth certificate, divorce certificate (if applicable), conversion certificate (if applicable), etc.

Choose your preferred date and venue for the marriage ceremony and pay the application fee online.

Submit your application and wait for the approval from JAIS.

Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to download Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf.

Print out the form and bring it to the marriage ceremony along with your original documents.

Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf is an important document that proves your legal marriage in accordance with Islamic law. Make sure you fill it correctly and keep a copy for your own reference.

Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf is not the only form that you need to prepare for your marriage in Selangor. You also need to attend a pre-marital course that covers various topics related to marriage, such as family planning, communication skills, financial management, etc. The course can be registered online at, which is the online portal of JAIS for marriage, divorce and reconciliation matters.

The pre-marital course is mandatory for both the bride and groom and must be completed at least three months before the marriage date. The course duration is 16 hours and can be taken at any approved center in Selangor. You will receive a certificate of completion after passing a test at the end of the course. You need to submit a copy of the certificate along with your Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf to JAIS.

Another form that you need to obtain is the medical examination report that certifies your health status and compatibility with your spouse. The medical examination can be done at any government or private clinic in Selangor. You need to bring your identity card and two passport-sized photos to the clinic. The medical examination report must be issued within six months before the marriage date. You need to submit a copy of the report along with your Borang Nikah Selangor Pdf to JAIS. 061ffe29dd


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