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AnyDesk Software 5.3.3 Crack Free Download __TOP__

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The software utilizes DeskRT, the proprietary video codec specifically designed to provide fast data transmission at even low bandwidths. This can be quite useful in remote regions and areas with slow connection speeds. Unlike some competing titles, the program offers multi-platform support, and runs smoothly on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS, FreeBSD, etc. You can also download the mobile apps without any extra charge. Last but not least, both on-premises and Cloud-based solutions are available.

At only 3 MB, AnyDesk is a lightweight tool, which doesn't require any registration, installation, and admin access. You only need to download the program on the system, and you're good to go. Compared to other similar tools, the software doesn't use a lot of system resources.

In case you value usability and speed more than anything else, AnyDesk will be an excellent choice. Compared to other options available online, the simple interface, a wide range of features, and fast connection speed make AnyDesk download free the go-to platform for remote desktop connections.

When it comes to remote desktop applications like Ammyy Admin and others, unattended access becomes a much-desired feature. While most programs offer this capability, AnyDesk free download goes beyond the basics to provide you with on-demand access. It gives you the option to focus on various permission rights and access types to ease the connection-building process.

AnyDesk 7.1.8Improved:- Better message when licenses expires- Improved translations- Showing the oranization the user is logged in to- Showing the Hamburger Menu over the bannerFixed:- a crash when interacting with the welcome screen- a crash when entering a license key- an issue that wrongly opened the Address Book on startup- a bug where unattended access sessions could miss the profile selector- a visual bug that made the screen shake on connections- a bug with the clipboard sync- a bug that made it impossible to copy and paste files in temporary folders- a bug in session playbacks where the toolbar was not working properly- a bug that disabled the discovery feature- a bug that made it impossible to change the connection settings in forced login custom clients- a bug that made re-invitations impossible after an invitation expired- a bug that blocked the GUI when invitations were cancelledAnyDesk 7.1.7- Change log not available for this versionAnyDesk 7.1.6Fixed:- an issue where a logged in user couldn't access his Address Book- an issue where a proxy with a password was not usable- an issue where the status of the Privacy Mode wasn't shown in the System Information- an issue where the license banner could show up in licensed sessions- Logging in now refreshes the AnyDesk UI- a crash when using a device that has no D3D- a crash when uninstalling AnyDesk- a crash after elevationOther Changes- Global Search can now search for names with accented charactersAnyDesk 7.1.5- Change log not available for this versionAnyDesk 7.1.4- Fixed a security vulnerabilityAnyDesk 7.1.3- Change log not available for this versionAnyDesk 7.0.14- Fixed: Fixed a security vulnerabilityAnyDesk 7.0.13- Fixed alternative screen background showing too late on Windows 7AnyDesk 7.0.10- Fixed bug that prevented crash reports from being sent correctlyAnyDesk 7.0.9Fixed:- issue that disabled privacy mode when switching backend accounts- File Transfer Sessions now work with manually typed UA passwords- Windows XP GUI issues- possible crash when editing Address book tags- connection issue when alternative screen background is active on a Windows 7 backend- wrong look of accept window when a session is reconnectedOther Changes- Improved wordings in some translations- Improved Drag & Drop behavior in Address BookAnyDesk 7.0.8New Features:- Windows 11 is now fully supported- Added feature flag for discoveryFixed:- Fixed issue that switches the alternative background a frame too late- Chat popup now remembers unsent user input- Fixed issue that showed the wrong modified time after file transfer- Switching sides and requesting elevation during a sessions no longer causes the remote account to lock- Fixed issue that permanently disabled the clipboard- Fixed issue that made it impossible to drag and drop items in the address book- Fixed overlapping options in Direct3D Fullscreen- Fixed menu bar in full screen mode when two displays on top of each other are used- Fixed issue that made session recordings impossible- Fixed issue with incorrect file manager properties- Fixed issue with incorrect system information- Switching sides now shows the correct id in the session tabOther Changes:- Settings are now the first option in the Main Menu- Command line interface of MSI clients has been improved- Backend input is now blocked when privacy mode is activated- Close icon no longer overlaps the address in a tab- Removed irrelevant functionality in outgoing only clients- URLs are now displayed on hoverAnyDesk 7.0.7New Features:- Added feature flag for session recordingsFixed:- Fixed issue that switches the alternative background a frame too late- Fixed issue with error bar when internet access is removed- Fixed issue that made it impossible to connect to the AnyDesk Network for incoming only clients for some configurations- Fixed issue that removed several panels from main window in clients without installation- Fixed "More" hover button in session invitation- Fixed issue that has hidden the menu bar in fullscreen if two monitors are placed on top of each other- Fixed issue for first invitations on newly installed clients- Fixed issue with sync clipboard files that created a never-ending copy task under some circumstances- Fixed crash when requesting elevation- Fixed crash for some command line arguments- Fixed issue with session recordings starting in Fullscreen for some configurations- Fixed issue that left comboboxes of closed dialogs openOther Changes:- Moving Address Book Entries has been simplified- Renaming address book items has been improved- Added missing display options to fullscreen menu- Improved custom logos- Improved error message, if an already existing ID is added to Wake-On-LAN setting- Portable Clients can no longer be remotely restarted- Improved Group Policy Template hints- Incoming only clients can now set the password from the main window- Different fullscreen menus now have the same order- Improved confirm deletion dialog- Improved error message, if file transfer session is started with backend that does not support the file manager- Improved behavior of checkboxes for very small window sizesAnyDesk 7.0.6New Features:- Improved usability of setting passwords for profilesFixed:- Fixed issue that made AnyDesk crash when too many sessions were requested- Fixed issues with wrong tray icons- Fixed broken Screen Edge Window Drag actions- Fixed command line option --remove-password- Fixed connection to relays on port 80 through http proxy- Fixed session invitation dialog being shown on multiple screens- Custom Clients with disabled file manager can no longer accept file transfer session requests- Fixed issues when removing a license- Fixed issues when AnyDesk was maximized on devices with multiple screens that have different resolutionsOther Changes:- Added back connection type icon tooltips, indicating if session is routed or direct- Added multiple group policy template keys- Entering spaces in address bar finds previous sessions without spaces- Reworked "Clear previous session profiles" button in Settings- Improved file transfer session accept window- Improved some wordings to be more consistentAnyDesk 7.0.4Fixed:- bug where profile dialogs would not have the correct size- transfer of remote system information- follow remote window focus option behaving incorrectly when used with multiple sessions to same remote device- visuals of dialog to enter two-factor-auth verifaction code- rare crash in accept window- Welcome Panel get started button visibility on small screens in maximized mode- precondition for crash in installer- file browser dialog title and padding- Added precautions to fix crashes related to timers- issues that made CLI commands behave unexpectedly when another AnyDesk instance was running Other Changes:- hide permission UI elements after a session is closed- Add some more tooltipsAnyDesk 7.0.3Fixed:- display issues for specific AnyDesk IDs- bug that caused the focused display indicator to not update immediately- bug that caused a UI issue in the permissions of the accept panel- rare crash in backend session handling- rare crash related to session invitation- rare crash related to permission profile manager- Added checks to prevent a crash related to mouse cursor rendering- Added checks to prevent a crash related to session disconnects- some missing error texts for printing messages in backend- capitalization of section headers in main view in most languages- some tooltip positions- Close color menues when scrolling in privacy settingsAnyDesk 7.0.2Fixed:- bug that could cause old unattended access passwords to not work- config migration issue- text wrapping in chat for long words- crash when word wrapping fails in chat- recent items address label visibility- rare crash on application start up- crash in control that was caused by registering duplicate packet handlersAnyDesk 7.0.0New Features:- Modernize User Interface- Introducing Permission Profiles- Introducing Session Invitation- Introducing Screen Frame feature- Introducing Alternate Screen Background- Added option to disable session recording feature via custom clientsFixed:- Session Player is now resizable- Session Player now correctly opens when double clicking recording files- Fixed enabling and disabling clipboard permissions during sessions- Fixed handling of multiple simultaneous session requestsOther Changes:- Improved localization for many languages- Improved tooltips- Added command line option to generate Group Policy Template- Allow full text selection and copy in chat windows- Session Player now works with incoming only custom clients- Added better error message when auto-discovery fails- Added support for new input method on AndroidAnyDesk 6.3.5Fixed:- a common issue with direct connections- a bug that caused clipboard file transfer to misbehaveAnyDesk 6.3.3- Fixed issue that sometimes prevented direct connectionsAnyDesk 6.3.2Fixed:- Session comments did not work with license type Performance- Fixed automatic detection of languages Ukrainian and Lithuanian- The favorite button in the toolbar address field did not work- Some trace output got lost in case no user was logged in- Tagging multiple Address Book items failed in case some items already contained some of the tags usedOther Changes:- Updated translations for Portuguese (Brazil)- Improved discoverability of Address Book pagination- Changed default audio/video quality setting from balanced to best- Improved trace output for the case of certificate validation failure- Added option to remove a single Address Book item even if multiple items are selectedAnyDesk 6.3.1New:- Added the option to revert remote resolution after automatically adapting it to fit the local viewport Support by both sides is required for this feature to be available Fixed:- a common crash when requesting elevation- a number of bugs related to address book pagination- a crash in the recorded sessions player- bug that reported deletion of local files to remote user in file transfer panelOther Changes- Increase security by requiring stronger passwords when setting it via command lineAnyDesk 6.3.0New Features:- Improved network stability and speedFixed:- Fixed column sort behavior of file fransfer view- Fixed scrolling issue in chat view on Windows 10Other Changes:- Improved localization for German, Czech, Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazil)AnyDesk 6.2.3New:- Added global security setting to lock the remote account- If active the corresponding session setting will be ignoredFixed:- Fixed network detection- Fixed image glitches occurring during sessions- Could block remote input without input permissions granted- Could lock the remote account without input permissions grantedOther Changes:- Updated translations for German, English and Italian- Added Lithuanian translationAnyDesk 6.2.2Fixed:- Fixed crash when opening installer- Fixed crash when opening settings in in-only Custom ClientsAnyDesk 6.2.1New Features:- Added pagination to address bookAdded UI setting to permanently remove tiles from the main view of custom clients related to:- password for unattended access- 'Whats new'- DiscoveryFixed:- Removed everything related to invitations and the option to recommend AnyDesk via mail, when disabled in custom clients- Fixed crash when closing a sessionAnyDesk 6.1.5- Fixed bug that caused elevation requests to failAnyDesk 6.1.4New Features:- Added option --remove-password to remove password for unattended access via command lineFixed:- Fixed crash related to muting audio during privacy mode- Fixed alias registration in incoming connection only clients- Fixed window size problems in some cases in incoming connection only client- Fixed cursor rendering when using DirectDraw- Fixed scaling of custom logos- Fixed bug that caused address book tags to not show on individual addresses- Fixed crashes related to displays with large resolutions- Fixed bug that caused incorrect keyboard handling on windows login screenOther Changes- Improved memory usage when using preserve details optionAnyDesk 6.1.0New Features:- Added option to follow remote window focus- Added display option to preserve details when encoding image- Added option to limit number of incoming/outgoing sessions- Added option to automatically disconnect incoming sessions when inactive- Added option to keyboard menu to send special Android keys- Revised favorites and recent session lists- Revised session recording settings- Address Book, Auto-Discovery, Favorites and Recent Sessions now interact with the system clipboardFixed:- Fixed crash when requesting elevation- Fixed crash in session player when skipping to the beginning of a recording- Fixed crash caused by invalid thumbnails when searching for addresses- Fixed crash when updating Windows Group Policies- Fixed a crash when updating cursor shape- Fixed bug that caused keyboard mode to be reset every session- Fixed bug that caused sessions settings for remote cursor to not save correctly- Fixed bug that caused empty session recordings to be created- Fixed alias registration in incoming only clients- Fixed rare bug that caused settings configured via Group Policies to not work correctly- Fixed discovery section showing up when it shouldn't- Fixed language detection for some asian languages- Fixed language selection on Windows XP- Fixed several minor memory leaks- Fixed several visual issuesOther Changes:- Improved one time password checks in two factor authentication- Loosened restrictions on minimal windows sizeAnyDesk 6.0.8Fixed Bugs:- Fixed connectivity information bar not showing up in some cases- Fixed deadlock in installer- Fixed bug that could cause extra key up events to be triggered- Fixed incorrect tab selection on startup when connecting via desktop schortcut- Fixed scroll behavior of chat window when receiving messagesOther Changes:- Support for improved connections to iOS devicesAnyDesk 6.0.7Fixed:- Fixed some potential deadlocks- Fixed bug that could cause AnyDesk to close immediately after startingAnyDesk 6.0.6Fixed:- Fixed connection status visibility issue- Fixed incorrect behaviour when connecting via shortcut or command line- Fixed crash in address book- Fixed renaming of address book entries- Fixed dpi scaling issue in dialog to manage address books- Fixed timeout behavior when trying to connect to offline client- Fixed some blurry iconsAnyDesk 6.0.5Fixed:- Made the Address Book open on startup again- Fixed some DPI scaling issues- Fixed minor layout issues- Fixed bug that caused the client to sometimes close immediately after starting- Fixed a stack overflow in the settings- Fixed a crash during download- Fixed a crash in Wake-On-LANOther Changes:- Updated translationsAnyDesk 5.5.3Fixed Bugs- Fixed a timer duration exceeding integer boundariesAnyDesk 5.5.2Fixed bugs:- Fixed a crash when marking AnyDesk addresses as favorites- Fixed a bug that caused keyboard input to stop working- Fixed a bug that could cause AnyDesk to consume unreasonably high amounts of CPU time- Fixed Privacy Mode for Custom Clients- Improved error handlingAnyDesk 5.4.2- Fixed some minor bugsAnyDesk 5.4.0New Features:- Implemented screen privacy feature for Windows 8 and 10: Enabling privacy mode during a session will disable the monitor on the remote side so the screen contents are hidden for anyone with physical access to the remote device. Input from the remote side will be blocked automatically during privacy mode for the default desktop.- The session player can now jump to a specific point in time of the session recordingFixed Bugs- Switching the desktop did not restore input block state- Added dialog in case the remote side automatically denied a printer job due to permission settings- Fixed automatic registration of aliases in custom namespaces in case of updating an installed custom client- On trying to register an alias that was too long it was reported that registration failed because an alias has been registered already- The remote state of NumLock has been altered before session start- Fixed File Manager address field not handling 'Enter'- A couple of buttons in the File Manager could be resized to size zero- After switching sides the File Manager did not show the remote folder contents- The File Manager did not show the session close dialog in case the session was closed from the other sideOther Changes:- The install panel's path edit now starts the installation on receiving 'Enter'- Address Book items now offer to create a TCP tunnel- The hotkey for entering fullscreen mode now also allows to leave fullscreen mode- Changed the default value to enable the alternative set of permissions for Unattended Access to 'true': By doing so the alternative set will be used directly after setting up a password for Unattended Access and using it to connect, effectively granting all permissions to the user connectingAnyDesk 5.3.5- Change log not available for this versionAnyDesk 5.3.3Fixed Bugs:- Discovered clients showed state offline on remote user image change- System settings were accessible after installation without the need of entering credentials- Fixed crash during update of Discovery tooltips- Edit fields no longer make error sounds on pressing Enter, Escape and Tab- Fixed display of focused state for listview items in list mode- Quitting from the system tray was not possible- Fixed crash related to scrolling in file transfer panelOther Changes:- Updated translations- Allowed to type into the address field directly after main window startupAdded support for Android special keys:- F5/Home/Pos1 -> Android Home- F6/Backspace -> Android Back- F7 -> Android Volume Down- F8 -> Android Volume Up- F9/Escape -> Android Power- F10 -> Android Menu- End -> Android DPAD CenterAnyDesk 5.3.2Fixed Bugs:- Fixed the URL handler. Session requests from inside MyAnyDesk should work againOther Changes:- The URL handler now accepts any number of leading slashes directly before the ID (they will be ignored)AnyDesk 5.2.2Fixed Bugs:- Fixed selection box tool- Fixed crash on click on restart button in miscellaneous settings- Fixed 'Change License Key...' button in the about panel- The File Manager downloaded the same file twice in some cases- Fixed handling of AltGr+a. This selected all text before and broke AltGr+a on polish keyboards- Fixed blocker for incoming connections- Fixed address not being shown correctly or incompletely in discovered clients- The Address Book accepted malformed addresses and could not delete them anymore- Fixed wrong address book being removed from the manage address books dialog while trying to delete a different one- Fixed address action 'Drop Link' for qualified addresses (AnyDeskID/domain/account)- Fixed command line parsing of qualified addresses- Fixed broken traces- Fixed some tooltips- Minor fixesOther Changes:- Discovered clients can be searched for now by using user name, Alias, client ID, machine name and operating system- Improved display of search results- Discovery items can now be added to the Address Book using their context menu- Checkboxes and radio buttons can now be toggled using 'Space'AnyDesk 5.2.1Fixed Bugs:- Some controls did not respond to mouse clicks when the mouse was moved between mouse down and up- The listview showed a chat log button even when there was no chat log- The discovery section disappeared in some situationsAnyDesk 5.1.2- Fixed a crash when AnyDesk could not find a preview image- Changed images for welcome panelAnyDesk 5.1.1Fixed Bugs:- Fixed broken mouse handling in the search popup- Fixed lost keyboard focus when switching from the File Manager to a monitor- Fixed fullscreen mode on session start- Fixed a crash during rights elevation- Fixed discovery online states- Added missing TCP permission setting- Minor fixesOther Changes:- Added a selection box tool- Selected items will now scroll into the visible area automatically- D3D fullscreen can now be minimized- Changed TCP default permission to trueAnyDesk 5.1.0- The loopback (monitor) audio device could not be selected as an audio source after selecting a specific device once- Fixed a crash which could occur when going in or out of fullscreen mode in D3D render mode- Fixed a bug which could lead to image corruption when going in or out of fullscreen mode- Improved behaviour of fullscreen mode when the user switches to another application than AnyDesk and back to AnyDesk- Fixed a bug where the installer would crash when started twice- Under certain conditions, Drag&Drop was started when it was not supposed to start. This should not happen anymore- AnyDesk prevented the screensaver to engage when the Accept Window was open. This behaviour was changed so the screensaver is only preventedwhile an incoming session is active.- Fixed a crash which could occur under rare conditions when using the whiteboard feature in Windows Server- Using the Address Book could cause AnyDesk to stop responding in rare situations- The Address Book now remembers the selected items during actions- Fixed a bug that caused the Address Book to not update anymore when the option 'Open Address Book on startup' was enabled- Improved stability- Implemented a progress display for the installer- Updated polish translation- Updated the Welcome tabAnyDesk 5.0.5Fixed Bugs- The loopback (monitor) audio device could not be selected as an audio source after selecting a specific device once- Fixed a crash which could occur when going in or out of fullscreen mode in D3D render mode- Fixed a bug which could lead to image corruption when going in or out of fullscreen mode- Improved behaviour of fullscreen mode when the user switches to another application than AnyDesk and back to AnyDesk- Fixed a bug where the installer would crash when started twice- Under certain conditions, Drag&Drop was started when it was not supposed to start. This should not happen anymore- AnyDesk prevented the screensaver to engage when the Accept Window was open. This behaviour was changed so the screensaver is only prevente while an incoming session is active- Fixed a crash which could occur under rare conditions when using the whiteboard feature in Windows Server- Using the Address Book could cause AnyDesk to stop responding in rare situations- The Address Book now remembers the selected items during actions- Fixed a bug that caused the Address Book to not update anymore when the option 'Open Address Book on startup' was enabled- Improved stabilityOther Changes- Implemented a progress display for the installer- Updated polish translation- Updated the Welcome tabAnyDesk 5.0.4Fixed Bugs:- Generic stability improvements- Fixed default audio recording settingAnyDesk 5.0.3Fixed Bugs:- Fixed a crash which could occur when AnyDesk was terminated- Fixed a rare crash on Windows 8.1 which occured when AnyDesk was started- Fixed popup placement when there is not enough screen space available- Fixed some high-DPI issues- Fixed scrolling in Windows 8- Added scrollbar to the address book selection menu- Updated translations for Chinese, Portuguese, French and RussianAnyDesk 5.0.2Bugs:- a few minor bugs in the Address Book- No sessions can be created from the command line in case it is disabled in the client generator- Other minor bug fixesOther Changes:- Auto-Discovery is now only enabled when AnyDesk is installed. Otherwise, the user has to start it manually- Added a context menu to address bookAnyDesk 4.3.0New Features- Added a setting for Windows Terminal Servers to dis-/allow the remote user to see the list of currently logged in users when asked for where to connect to- New command line parameter "--file-transfer" to start a file session from the command line- Added a feature which allows to terminate running sessions from inside AnyDesk. This allows users to start sessions when the session limit of the licence is exceeded by freeing sessions- Windows Terminal Server: Added a dialog which allows to choose a user- AnyDesk now connects using port 6568 in addition to the standard ports 80 and 443Fixed bugs:- In some cases, AnyDesk would display the unknown mouse cursor ("") in cases where it could have displayed the actual mouse cursor instead. The unknown mouse cursor is used in cases when there is no mouse attached to the device and AnyDesk can not obtain a mouse cursor icon or force the system to display a mouse cursor- Fixed problems which could occur when the horizontal resolution was not divisible by 16- Fixed a crash related to the cursor- Fixed a crash during registration of the first incoming session- Custom Client: For an incoming file transfer session AnyDesk did not check if file transfer was set to disallowed by an override. As a result file transfer was still possible- Custom Client: In the security settings AnyDesk did not show if the file transfer permission is overridden- Fixed a rare crash when using two main windows during installation- Fixed sorting using the list view header in the address book- Fixed filtering in the address bookAnyDesk 4.2.3New Features:- Added a setting to disallow direct connections (hole punching). Default is allowedFixed Bugs:- Fixed auto-reconnect in the remote restart feature- Fixed a rare crash which could occur in incoming sessions- In some situations (for example virtual machines), no image was displayed by the ddraw view. In this case, AnyDesk uses gdi now and displays an image- The standard distribution of AnyDesk did not start when a previously installed MSI version of AnyDesk was not uninstalled correctlyAnyDesk 4.2.2Fixed Bugs:- An alias could not be registered in case '@ad' was not appendedOther Changes:- On successful alias registration a hint is shown, that the user has to take care of his alias and ID on his/her ownAnyDesk 4.2.1- Fixed a crash which could occur after one minute when there is no mouse attached to the system- Fixed packets being dumped which should only be dumped in debug mode- Fixed a rare crash which occured immediately after starting AnyDeskAnyDesk 4.2.0New Features:- Clipboard file transfer can now be disabled in the security settings- The preview image can now be disabled in the privacy settings- Most of the edits now support 'Ctrl'+'A'- The session comment section can now be disabled where it appearsFixed Bugs:- Fixed a crash in D3D render mode- Fixed a crash related to the 'Follow remote mouse cursor' feature- Fixed a bug which made it possible to set up a password which did not meet the password safety requirements of AnyDesk for unattended access- Fixed a race condition that could occur during requesting an alias- When pasting a file after disabling the clipboard, the file copy operation got stuck- The file copy operation is cancelled now when clipboard sync is disabled- Fixed a rare bug which made AnyDesk crash immediately on startupAnyDesk 4.1.3- Made the session comment section multiline again- The disclaimer did not show up again, when it was rejected the last time AnyDesk started and has not been changed in the meantime- File transfer sessions no longer transmit hotkeys- Fixed DLL preloading vulnerability in Windows 7 SP1- Thanks go to Kushal Arvind Shah of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs for reporting this vulnerability to usAnyDesk 4.1.2- Fixed a bug in the security panel which made it impossible to set a password- Fixed navigation to the drive selection view in file transfer modeAnyDesk 4.1.0Security Fixes:- Prevented DLL preloading vulnerability in Windows 7 SP1- Thanks go to Kushal Arvind Shah from Fortinet for reporting this vulnerability to us- Updated OpenSSL library to the latest versionFixed Bugs:- Fixed monitor reactivation when the monitor is in sleep mode and there is an incoming connection- Fixed manual update link when auto-update is disabled- Fixed a bug that prevented further connections to a computer, if a previous connection to that computer failed- Fixed keyboard problems that occurred in conjunction with the right shift buttonOther Changes:- If a disclaimer has been set up, it will be shown on every change even if AnyDesk is installed already- Most of the edits in AnyDesk now support context menu operations (paste, cut, clear, undo)- AnyDesk will no longer follow the remote cursor when the local user changed the tab himself- Improved address book update performanceAnyDesk 4.0.1Fixed Bugs:- SAS for Windows 8 and upwards was broken due to an extension handling Terminal Server- On Terminal Server switching to advanced view may have resulted in a crashAnyDesk 4.0.0Extended support for Terminal Server:- On connecting to a terminal server the user can choose now if to connect to the console session or a specific user. As an alternative a fully specified address can be used to directly connect to a a specific user- Added file manager session type. The file manager can also be used during a normal session- Session recording and playback. Enable this option under "privacy" in the options tab- Optional auto-locking of the Windows session on AnyDesk session end- Follow mouse cursor feature: When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote mouse cursor- Auto-Update- The user can now choose an alias- Client Generator: Updates can now be disabledAnyDesk 3.7.0Fixed Bugs:- Security change: fixed a bug where the permissions could be reset during the session- In some cases, the AnyDesk main window was not rendered correctly in Windows 10 (showing transparent areas)AnyDesk 3.6.3- Fixed a crash when terminating AnyDesk using the tray icon while sessions were running- Under rare conditions, connecting to Windows 10 showed no image/a black image- Clipboard permission works again- Disallowed to change the license key if settings are disabled- Fixed SAS (Ctrl+Alt+Del) which did not work under some conditions on Windows Vista and upwards.On some Windows 10 systems, AnyDesk did not work when the monitor was rotated. On these systems, AnyDesk should now transmit the monitor content normally- Fixed two rarely occuring crashes on address book closeAnyDesk 3.6.2Fixed Bugs:- Trying to add an address from the speed dial to an address book with a license of type free or lite- opened a dialog instead of the address book- Fixed screensaver settings on AnyDesk session close. This was broken due to a bug in Windows- Fixed session comment dialog which could appear twiceOther Changes:- Made license key removal more explicit and added option 'Change license key' to the main menuAnyDesk 3.6.1- Fixed Bugs- Important security update, fixed dll injection vulnerability. Thanks to 0x09AL for reporting thisAnyDesk 3.6.0- Transmission of system information can now be blocked. Older versions of AnyDesk will show useless information in this case- Added a setting to disable the chat log- Added a setting to choose the path to the chat log- Added a setting to show the address book on startup- Added a setting to allow the accept window to go to foreground on chat message receivedAnyDesk 3.5.0New Features:- The remote restart feature now even works when AnyDesk is not installed- Please note: You will need to request elevation from the remote user before using the restart feature in this case- Custom AnyDesk: Text and title of ID and Connect Group (Main Window) can now be customized- Custom AnyDesk: Before frontend startup a disclaimer can be shown now, which can be customized in logo, title, text, background color and the text on the accept and cancel buttons. It is shown only, if AnyDesk is not installed and the text contains non-whitespaces. All other settings are optional- Custom AnyDesk: Added support for environment variables in pathsFixed Bugs:- In the D3D fullscreen menu the keyboard mode has always been set to 'translate'- The invitation link in the main window has not been shown anymore after switching to advanced view and back- Fixed crash on opening the chat log in the backend after session close- Fixed crash when the session info panel was closed before the remote data was displayedFixed Bugs:- Fixed custom logo layout in the main window's advanced view- Fixed the connection panel's password edit showing clear text when disabledAnyDesk 3.4.1- Fixed dpi of comment session dialog- Fixed that the comment session dialog can be shown although the licence is of type Lite- Fixed a crash related to the comment session dialog- Fixed that the character right of '9' on the standard hungarian keyboard layout has not been recognized beforeAnyDesk 3.4.0New Features:- Sessions can now be commented on close. The comment can then be looked up on If you don't want to comment, just clear the comment field. You will need a licence in order to use this new feature- Address Book: AnyDesk now supports multiple address books. They can be added (up to a certain limit) and deleted. The number of available address books depends on your licence- Status bars now also show the remote user nameFixed Bugs:- Fixed a crash on connecting due to monitor detection failure- Address Book: Fixed tag validation on rename- After elevation the backend user name in the chat was SYSTEMOther Changes:- Fixed and updated interfaces of installer, uninstaller, updater and global settings windowsAnyDesk 3.3.2- Important security update. Please update if you have version 3.3.1- Fixed a crash when using the drop to desktop featureAnyDesk 3.3.1- Fixed a crash on connecting due to monitor detection failure- Fixed ACL denying access although the list is emptyAnyDesk 3.3.0New Features:- Address book: The name of an address can be set now on adding it to the address book- Address book: Tags can now be renamed and removed from the tag tree view directly (on the left) Right click on a tag to choose- Address book: Added commands 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' to the tag tree view Right click on a tag or the tag tree view itself to choose- Address Book: If a user action fails an error info dialog will be shown now- When adding an address from the speed dial to the address book, a dialog will be shown now- When connecting to a multi monitor system, AnyDesk now automatically switches to the primary monitorFixed Bugs:- Fixed a crash after installing AnyDesk on Windows XP- Address book: Fixed selected tags view layout (on top)- Fixed service crash after installation due to invalid install parameters- Fixed a crash on closing a session using OpenGL- Using the mirror driver the backend detected more monitors than physically available, in case a software for virtual monitor creation is installedOther Changes:- Address Book: The list view now auto-sizes its columns- Most text edits now select their content on getting keyboard focusAnyDesk 3.2.5- Fixed a crash after remote restart- Fixed a bug in feature availability indicator in menu- Fixed a bug in the address book that did not allow to add an item from the speed dial to the address book directly after startupAnyDesk 3.2.4Fixed Bugs:- Fixed a bug which allowed two dialogs to be shown at the same time- Fixed remote cursor rendering at the edges of the view- Fixed a bug which let elevation fail when Windows denied access to the AnyDesk executable.- Fixed a bug which led to the service shutting down automatically on elevating its backend, in case- AnyDesk has not been installed on that side and the main window there has been closed before elevation- Fixed the action menu showing elevation was available although the backend has been elevated already- Fixed a race condition in the address book which made it unusable in some situations- Fixed a bug in feature availability indicator in menuOther changes:- Added a hint in the elevation dialog that the remote user usually has to accept an elevation requestAnyDesk 3.2.3Fixed Bugs:- Fixed a regression which impaired AnyDesk's performance severely when connected to a Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 computer. Please update!- Fixed a bug which caused the auto-reconnect feature after a remote restart to fail when the global settings dialog was opened previously- Fixed a crash when using the "Retry" button in the remote desktop access denied dialog- Improved stabilityOther Changes:- Improved feature availability indicator in menuAnyDesk 3.2.2Fixed Bugs:- Fixed a bug which could lead to the service not starting timely after installing AnyDesk- Fixed a crash which occured when closing the address book and terminating AnyDesk- Fixed a crash by using ddraw as fallback for d3d when the graphics driver is not installed- correctly and causes an exception during initialization- Tags are validated now in the address bookOther Changes:- Improved focus behaviour of controlsAnyDesk 3.2.1Fixed Bugs:- Fixed crash on adding an address to the address book- Fixed elevation with credentials in case AnyDesk has been started from a user folder- Fixed a crash which could occur when terminating a session with an open address book or multiple monitors- Fixed character keyboard input which was not working for certain programs (GTK, QT) when connected from a mobile deviceOther changes:- Improved prompt shown in the password dialog when connecting- Controls now show if focusedAnyDesk 3.2.0New Features:- The address book now remembers the last used view type (list/tiles)- The address book now offers sorting options- The address book now opens the tag dialog immediately after an address has been added- The accept window will no longer auto-close tabs when chat messages have been sent/received- Sessions can now be accepted via 'Enter' and dismissed via 'Esc'- Added session status messages to chat- The session time is now shown during a session and after disconnect- The remote user client ID is now shown during a session (additionally to its alias)- Your fingerprint can now be seen in the about panel- The password for unattended access is now controlled via a dialog You have to enter your password twice to check for misspellings- Added language auto-selection (will select system language)Fixed Bugs:- Fixed WoA- Fixed elevation with credentials- The direct connection icon in the backend was greyed out although there was a direct connection- The drop link feature dropped an invalid link (name instead of address)- After disconnect it was no longer possible to mark/copy chat messages- Fixed a crash that could occur on sending chat messages- Some chat messages have not been recorded- Fixed some minor bugs in the chat- Fixed wrong message shown in the frontend on session request rejected- Fixed some bugs with keyboard focus- Fixed a bug with auto-selection of tabs in accept window- Sometimes the address book did not show online states on opening it the first time- Fixed some bugs with tag selection in the address book- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the main window with the address book opened- Fixed filtering of recent connections- Fixed recent connection being removed from favorites on name change- In some cases a wrong text has been shown on connection request- Fixed various minor bugsOther Changes:- The accept/dismiss buttons are now disabled for a short time when entering a new session state to prevent accidentally clicking them- The accept window is now only always on top when there are not yet accepted sessions left. And it will be back on top on session request- The accept window will now auto-select an incoming session tab in some situations- Added bottom right resize corner- Fixed some dpi issues- Added some localizationAnyDesk 3.1.1Fixed Bugs:- Improved stability- Fixed some bugs in the chat- Other changes- Signed the exe and msi files with two certificates.AnyDesk 3.1.0New Features:- Reworked the chat in the client- Added an option to disable remote restart in the security settingsFixed Bugs:- Fixed a bug in DeskRT which caused it to be slow on certain monitor resolutions indivisible by 16 (for example 1366x768). Responsiveness should be much higher now in these cases- In some cases, the view mode settings for remote computers were not restored correctly for future sessions- Fixed a crash which could occur when connecting to AnyDesk while it was terminating- Fixed a bug which could lead to the system info feature not being available- Improved stability- Minor user interface layout fixesAnyDesk 3.0.0- Added edge scrolling feature for the original view mode: use this when the remote image is much larger than the local monitorAnyDesk 2.6.1New Features:- Implemented customisation support for for macOSFixed Bugs:- Enable/disable audio works now- Receive connection window constraints were fixedAnyDesk 2.6.0New Features:- Implemented Access Control List feature. This makes it possible to restrict access to machines based on the alias. Wildcards are supported, for example "*@company", "[email protected]" and so on. Restrictions based solely on the numerical id are also supported. You can find the feature in the Security Panel of the AnyDesk settings.Fixed Bugs:- Fixed a bug where the file transfer and probably the text clipboard did not work on Windows 7 when UAC was disabled and AnyDesk was not installed.- Fixed a regression which could lead to being unable to control the remote machine after activating a privileged window in the task bar when AnyDesk was not installed.- Fixed a bug which could cause severe image lag after using the "switch sides" or "request elevation" features or doing a fast user switch of a remote controlled Windows session.Other Changes:- The remote users input is now temporarily disabled when typing on the local keyboard. In previous versions, only moving the mouse disabled remote input.AnyDesk 2.5.0New Features:- Implemented remote restart feature: The connection will automatically be restored once the remote machine finished restarting- Added a confirmation dialog for the switch sides feature- The coloured user pointer can now be disabled in the security settingsFixed Bugs:- Fixed a bug which could lead to a wrong aspect ratio image or no image at all when connecting to a multi monitor system until the first resize of the session window- Fixed image corruption which could occur when the mirror driver was used- Fixed some inconsistencies in the remote capabilities for the request elevation and the switch sides feature when connecting between different platforms- Improved stabilityOther Changes:- The uninstaller (anydesk --remove) now accepts the --silent flagAnyDesk 2.3.5Fixed Bugs:- Fixed image capture when connecting to outdated Windows 7 versions- Fixed a bug in the license registration dialogOther Changes:- Long IDs are now displayed in groups of 3 digitsAnyDesk 2.3.4Fixed Bugs- Fixed image problems with 16-bit/fast rendering method.- Fixed a few more high DPI issues.- Fixed protocol compatibility with the Enterprise server.- Fixed a crash that could occur when the system info tab was opened a second time.- The system info tab could be opened before authentication, which resulted in a crash. 153554b96e


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