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Hudson Young
Hudson Young

Free MCL Vaidhehi Fonts

Vaidehi is a jack of all trades player. She brings a lot of the wide variety of sports into the game. She is a strong all-arounder and feels comfortable on all surfaces. Vaidehis biggest skill is her ability to learn and she is constantly studying and developing her game.

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Vaidehi loves a good laugh and she enjoys chatting with the younger players she meets, especially on social media. It is always a pleasure to see her play and she has a great deal of talent and character. Through her career and her victories, Vaidehi has proven herself to be a fighter, a winner and a champion. Im looking forward to watching her continue to build on all that she has accomplished.

Moving out of the shadows of my national coach Padam Singh, Vaidehi was well prepared for the world of international tennis. She had the guidance of the experienced and highly talented Tretarak Chawla and his team. Within no time, she established a very good reputation in womens tennis in India. The 2018 season gave her the chance to test her ability in the international circuit. The World No. 65 ranked Vaidehi may be a small player but with her grit and determination, she has made a place for herself in the top international circuits. Were excited to watch her continue her journey in the sport. We wish her luck at this years Lengen Open, and more importantly on her upcoming wedding.

We wish Vaidehi well on her journey towards winning the Tretarak Chawla World Championship for which she is the defending champion. We hope that her journey on the tennis court has given her the confidence and skills to face the challenges life brings her way. We salute Vaidehi for being a player that loves tennis. As a player, Vaidehi has raised the bar in India. As a person, she is a role model who represents what all of us aspire to be. Vaidehi, the game of tennis has given you the strength to fight for what you want. Keep fighting!


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