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Data Migration Made Simple with ESF Database Migration Toolkit Professional Edition 9.0.24

a consistent set of data in your azure cosmos db database is key to your application's success. continuous availability, high performance and schema-level data consistency are three of the reasons why you may want to migrate data from azure sql databases to azure cosmos db. to help you with data migration, the azure cosmos db migration extension is available in the azure data studio. the extension provides a user-friendly interface to perform an assessment and generate the right-sized configuration recommendations to meet your workload performance requirements.

ESF Database Migration Toolkit Professional Edition 9.0.24


data migration to the cloud is a two-step process. first, you need to import data into azure cosmos db tables and entities. then you can export data to the cloud and use it with the azure cosmos db table api. for more information, see introduction to the azure cosmos db table api.

the migration tool is a powershell module that can easily be integrated with your deployment pipeline to automate the import of data to azure cosmos db. the migration tool can also create and delete collections, documents, and partition collections. this module also provides basic fault-tolerant operations, which is a crucial feature for any azure cosmos db migration tool.

microsoft sql server is a powerful relational database management system that can be used in a variety of applications. but microsoft sql server is an old technology that has been replaced by azure sql database. azure sql database provides a new, modern database service that can be used in a variety of applications. in addition, azure sql database is a fully managed service that protects you from scaling, upgrade, and maintenance costs.


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