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Godswar Private Server Setup ((NEW))

How was your experience in top: I started playing very young, so the whole game was just a confusing. The only place to lvl i knew was aba mines, me and my friends from irl played this game. Then of course i quited. I came back in like 2014-2015, i started buying low and selling high, in few weeks from 300k i made like 40m. I had a guild just for my country people xd. Then i realized that people could buy 100m, just for 3$-6$... In the ends of top, (before foxlv opened) few of my friends just quited and gave me their whole banks, which like consisted of 200m or smth. They say'd "top will die very soon, trust me" i laughed and didn't believe him....... I didn't really knew much private servers, but i knew they existed. Then i saw a alt spamming to join foxlv, and that's where i quited and joined foxlv, and the journey of private servers started.

Godswar Private Server Setup ((NEW))


What private servers you played: roso, foxlvon, lost paradise online, piratearch, wisdom pirates online, sky pirates online, sunny go online, PKO, rainbow pirates online, world of pirates online, and many more low populated servers.

What was the BEST private server you played, and why: Foxlvon, i first joined foxlv, when it was opened for like 1 month. I immediately feel in love with the server, because you needed to work in order to get strong. And that server was 0% pay to win, not like original top. People who played foxlv for longer then 3 months, 99% of them tell that there best played server will be foxlv. The rates were like 5x exp, 2x drop, 10x fairy. The server was had a crafting system, which let you get the best items in the server (uns 95 was the best, but AA and DA bosses had 0,01% of dropping them), so people had to farm a lot of materials to get their deserved items. The pk was also fun, people HAD to pk in chaos argent and DW, to get good items, such as unique gems and chipped and cracked gems. Foxlv had accesories like lvl 44,55,65 rings, belts and handguards. The broken gems +2 could be forged in any equipment. People could farm mall points, such as killing monsters, bosses and chests in mazes, to receive few mall points. That way people would be rich, and there would be no point in malling.

How was your experience in top: I still remember when i though about Fairy coins, saw one on the floor and i said "D*mn, easy money in this game". I started to play ToP solo, then my brother and father joined to the game and created a guild. A lot of people from a lot of countries, nice guys and friendly, it wasn't a PvE or PvP guild, just to chill and talk with friends. We were just the guild who has a lot of Ref gems 'cuz of Treasure gulf salvage which no many knew about. First time i went and play a private server was after being scammed/hacked. When i was trying to find a solution to it, i found ROSO and gave it a try. Played for 1-2weeks and came back to normal ToP. Got bored of ToP when i saw IGG haven't been updating it anymore, it was just events for mallers and sh1t. Then i went to Avacado server which you COULD FORGE EVERYTHING and money wasn't a problem, loved old avacado

What you dont like about other servers: When i try a new Private Server it must be because it has some nice features to give a try and it'll be fun/nice to play for a while. (I don't expect to play the game for more than one year, even 6 months it's a lot.) I don't care if it's a full focused PK server, easy/medium if it has some nice cool sh1t, i'll play. Nowadays it's just the same and most private servers out there even tho they could have a lot more stuff going on. Hope i can see a new server with some nice features and it'll last for a while.

What was the BEST private server you played, and why: It definitely I'll say old Avacado server which it was funny for me. Sadly it close and i found out about ROTO which it something similar but it's Pay2win or you have to grind so much which got me bored, so, Avacado wins.I don't have old ToP photos sadly :'(.

What was the BEST private server you played, and why: Best experience will always be FoxLV II. Far and beyound any other server out there. Balanced, non-maller and maller friendly, rich in content and surprising awesome GMS at start. Rates were balanced and decent for any player with jobs and family. Life skills had a meaning and were a great part of the game. Gemming was rewardable and upgradable step by step. Site was awesome, mall was awesome, in-game store was awesome, Kamis quests were awesome, server security was awesome, the graphics were top notch. THE FAIRY SYSTEM AWESOME, i got to make this Caps for sure. Sadly it all became into garbage when there was a idiotic update and Zankza became too cocky making changes without any community ask or approve. Till this day, and most likely till this game vanishes, there wont be any like this.

How was your experience in top: Well, I think the best experience I got with the game was the friends I made. During all those years, I met a lot of nice people, some of them were and some of my friends are still. But other interesting things also happened. My first character was a Voyager, and when I did the second class, I bought all the skills of the sea and I was without Conch Ray, hahaha. I was probably the only Voyager level 55 without Conch Ray. Then I quit.My life in ToP really began to change when a friend found a community on Orkut (Social Network) and asked me to download everything needed for him because his internet was bad. So while I read the guides, I became interested and decided to try to create as well. At that time I didn't know English (and to be honest, neither play very well), so I couldn't create my server, the GameServer didn't connect. A few days went by and when I tried to open again it worked, until today I have no idea what happened at that time, hahaha. At the same time I also met the "hamachis servers" and started playing private servers.

What was the BEST private server you played, and why: Shining Sea Online. Today I know how much Shining Sea Online was basic and it had several things that I said I didn't like, but it was there where I learned to play for real. Like how to forge, combine, PK, go to winter2 leveling up, bug boss, bug poss, buy boat, create guild and many other things. It was the server that played the most. I played for almost two years (with little pauses). I had so much fun. I miss the DeadSox guild. (or it was Assassins?)

What private servers you played:roso, foxlvon, wisdom pirates online, sky pirates online, pirate king online , piratewar online, Bright Sun Online,(eternals online - )

What was the BEST private server you played, and why: I have to say, there 2 servers I really missed ->FoxLvOn (TOP 2 based) was awesome server, there were lots of things to do, different ways how to obtain money, good crafting system, great community, cool gems and mainly great IMPs system. Who played , knows what I am talking about. Bright Sun Online was also amazing server (TOP 1 based) I loved it. I played it with my IRL friends and we still remember this and it will be always in our hearts. I played it from 2011-2012 and then it became Eternals Online and in 2013 it was closed. Sacred wars in this server was the most amazing maze I have ever played and I really missed it.

Name: Eliexer CastilloOn the server: ximboliexNickname "ximbo" Name "Eliexer" Give birth to "ximboliex" From what year you started playing top: 2008How was your experience in top:It was the first mmo I played in my life should know how I felt .. many things for me were wonderful, it was my first step to the world of mmo. What private servers you played:DG pirates, Avacado, UPO, EG, Black Skull, Map PKO, FoxLv(2 hrs), ROSO, EPO, etc...What you dont like about other servers: Balance, Remove argent from the game, Pay2Win, immortal Vip (ROTO, GGPKO) to EPO Difference that can kill Normal Players and VIPs. What was the BEST private server you played, and why:DG Pirates, why? For the Memories we were 15 friends in total playing not much for the server itself .. but for the friends with whom he playedNOTE: 350c69d7ab


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