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Buy Ice Wine Online

The most popular grape varietals used to make Icewine are Riesling, Vidal Blanc, and Cabernet Franc. You can also find Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gewürztraminer used in some small lots. Expect a wine with highly concentrated, sweet flavours with high acidity. To be labeled as Icewine, there are certain requirements that must be met. These standards are monitored by the VQA (Vinters Quality Alliance), and relate to grape varieties, harvest procedures and winemaking.

buy ice wine online

As with many Icewines in Canada, you can find an excellent selection of Icewine online with My Wine Canada. Our offerings are of the highest quality available from some of the finest Icewineries in Canada. Buy Icewine online with My Wine Canada today.

Wisconsin is one of the few places in the world where authentic ice wine can be grown and produced. The grapes that produce ice wine must be picked only after the grapes have frozen solid on the vine. This usually requires constant temperatures of 15 or colder for several days. The grapes are then pressed while still frozen, extracting very concentrated sugars, as all the water content of the grape is removed as frozen crystals. What results is an intensely layered wine that cannot be produced in any other way. This is a specialty wine requiring extensive labor and care, with very limited yields. What is pressed is only a fraction of what would have been harvested had these grapes been picked at their typical harvest time of mid to late September. The 2018 vintage is our fifth ice wine release and is made from the St. Pepin grape. Our Ice wine has consistently won high awards when entered in competitions, being one of the highest rated wines in many competitions.

Our new Cherry Ice Wine captures the crisp taste of Northern Michigan's first hard freeze of the winter season. Grapes are allowed to freeze on the vine and then pressed while still frozen, creating a very sweet and fruity wine with hints of succulent tangerine and orange peel. Sweet and rich with lightly spiced aromas of clove and ginger, serve this premium wine slightly chilled with nuts or flavorful cheeses. We produce a limited run, so get yours while you can! ABV 10.5%

Federal and state laws require us to verify that anyone ordering wine and receiving wine is at least 21 years old. In the checkout process, you will be required to enter your birthdate. FedEx requires a scanned valid drivers license and an adult (21 years or older) signature upon delivery.

Inniskillin is a Canadian winery with locations in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The winery has a detailed history and is best known for its iconic ice wines produced from Vidal, Ri...

If the vine is frozen, the wine will be bad, right? Well, not always. Some winemakers actually let the grapes freeze during the winter to produce a delicious dessert wine, rightfully called icewine (Eiswein in German).

The harvest is also very difficult to organize as you need a lot of labour force as soon as it is cold enough and it all has to be done very quickly to avoid the sunlight warming the grapes. As you can imagine, icewine is more expensive and produced in smaller quantities than other dessert wines due to this difficult process. The biggest producers are Germany and Canada thanks to their perfect weather conditions.

The Racina series of wines are unique blends and rare styles that will vary from year to year. This wine series permits the winemaker and his team to freely express themselves, giving them artistic freedom to craft rare blends that may never be available again. The wines may include Appassimento or partial Appassimento blends, small batch winemaking trials with the latest technology, unique, rare and never before blended wines. These wines will be an expression of the art and science of winemaking.

Exclamation wines come only from grapes grown in the best vintage years. These wines are exemplary of the commitment that Pillitteri has made to producing world-class wine. These wines are hand-selected by our Winemaker, Aleksandar Kolundzic as his personal favourites.

Wines are being shipped by a variety of shippers and selected at the winery's discretion. PLEASE NOTE: We are now limited to processing a maximum of 60 bottles per order for orders outside of Ontario due to provincial liquor board importation restrictions. If your desired order exceeds this volume we will contact you.

The winery must be notified of any issues with deliveries within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery date. Online Returns Policy: Bottles need to be returned to the winery in person for a refund or exchange. Due to high order volumes we are not arranging return shipping for exchanges or refunds at this time for non-defective products. Please contact the winery at:

We are currently able to ship wine to the following states:California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, & Wisconsin.If you do not see your desired state listed, please follow us on social media for updates. We continually add states as we are able to - @marivineyards.Please view our Shipping Policies Page for information on how we ship and frequently asked questions. For information on returns, please see our Returns and & Refunds Page.

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Niagara Icewine is a sweet treat that is well-loved across Canada. While you might not always be able to travel to Niagara Falls when you have a hankering for icewine, you can still get those decadent flavors in your teacup.

A true ice wine made from Vidal Blanc grapes frozen naturally on the vine and pressed while still frozen. Creates an intensely flavored wine with hints of fig, honey, marmalade and apricot. Available in the PLCB wine and spirits stores via Special Liquor Order (SLO). (375 ml)

YES: Because of our long standing relationship with Peller we are in the enviable position. Buying and selling these exquisite wines for more than decade. Our regular customers throughout Europe and the world mean that we have shipped these little bottles of sweet joy worldwide.

Ice Wines, the most famous of sweet wines, are produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine to concentrate its juice, resulting in only one or two drops of sweet syrup per berry.

Liliac & Kracher Transylvanian Ice Wine 2016 is a sweet ice wine from Transylvania, Romania. It is a blend of Pinot Gris, Neuburger and Muscat Ottonel with 11.5% abv, 37.5cl. Suitable for Vegans.

Frozen grapes are selected and gently pressed for this gloriously fresh and indulgent dessert wine. Lychee and peach lead into a palate bursting with fresh pineapple, peach and herbaceous notes. The finish is light and zippy with lemon. This wine is easy to drink and hard to resist! This bottle combines Austrian expertise with the very best hand-selected Romanian grapes.

Buy your Novel Wines with confidence. Ben and Gyorgy have worked hard to select every wine for its quality, whatever the price. If you're not happy with a purchase then let us know and we'll make good on it. It's part of our Great Taste Guarantee. 041b061a72


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