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Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson

Xtu (7).mp4

I have a geeni camera, it stores the recordings in .data files. If I copy them to my pc and change the extension to .mp4 I can view the video in MPC (media player classic). However, I can't fast forward or use the slide bar to jump ahead. Looks like I need a commercial editor to import the raw data and create a manipulatable file.

xtu (7).mp4

In order to unencrypt and convert the .data files to .mp4, play the desired video in the app and use the app recording functionality to record the video while it's playing. (there should be a visible record button. press the record button while the video is playing and press it again when ready to stop recording)

Impressively, this camera has features like 4k/60fps, 12MP, and an H.264 .mp4 file format. Also, it includes a 155 degrees ultra-wide lens, making the photo and video experience much better than ever. It also comes with about five voice commands like take photos, shoot burst, begin recording, stop recording, and turn off. 041b061a72


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