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Athanasius Sukhanov
Athanasius Sukhanov

Pretty Warrior May Cry 2.3 75

176-313 Nisus and Euryalus plan to break out through the enemy lines in order to reach Aeneas. They seek an audience with the Trojan leaders, and present their plan. Aletes and Ascanius accept it with great gratitude and admiration, offering lavish rewards. Euryalus asks that in the event of his death his aged mother should be cared for; Ascanius promises that this shall be so. The two warriors arm for their exploit.

Pretty warrior may cry 2.3 75

833-908 Mezentius hears of the death of his son Lausus, and prepares to give up his own life by confronting Aeneas. In the ensuing contest he is mortally wounded, and meets his death with the dignity of the heroic warrior.

225-295 The embassy sent to ask Diomedes for help returns with an unfavorable answer. Diomedes had said that he would not fight against the Trojans again on any account, particularly not against so great a warrior as Aeneas. He advised them to make peace.

Donald Trump was not the greatest President in recent history. I thought perhaps this comment was written a few years ago, but it was written a month ago! It is pretty hard to take anything you say seriously after a remark like that with all the massive evidence to the contrary!

Nero is one of the few characters in the Devil May Cry series to actually swear and showcased offensive crude behavior to others. Such instances includes: He calls Agnus a "jackass" and his laboratory a "hellhole". He also almost calls Agnus a "son of bitch" later, but is cut short. Before fighting Dante, he tells him "Kid? Well, if that's how you see me I think you'll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass." Later on, he tells Sanctus "Go blow yourself", and could say "I'm not interested in your bullshit!" when using a Buster in the first battle with the vicar. Lastly, he gives Dante the middle finger before being absorbed by The Savior.

In Catching Fire, she wore many dresses due to the victory tour held six months after the games are over. Katniss describes the outfit Cinna designs for the first day of the Victory Tour as having "flowing black pants made of a thick, warm material. A comfortable white shirt. A sweater woven from green and blue and gray strands of kitten-soft wool. Laced leather boots that don't pinch my toes." Another one of Cinna's outfits for the Victory Tour includes a white coat, leather gloves, a bright red scarf, and earmuffs.[35] The outfit Katniss wears in District 11 is described as "a pretty orange frock patterned with autumn leaves."[60] Cinna designs dresses for Katniss to wear to banquets and balls. One is described by Katniss as pale pink and strapless[58]. Another is described by Johanna Mason as a strapless dark blue velvet dress with diamonds that Katniss wore in District 2[63]. The dress worn by Annie Cresta at her wedding was designed by Cinna for Katniss in District 5[48]. After Katniss accepted Peeta's proposal during the Victory Tour stop at the Capitol[58], Cinna designed a set of wedding dresses. The Capitol audience voted on the finalists to select the one that would have been used for the wedding. Katniss describes the winner as having sleeves that touch the floor and lots and lots of pearls.[28][65] During the third Quarter Quell, she wore a fitted blue jumpsuit only 1/2 inch thick made of sheer material, with a zipper in front, a six-inch wide padded belt covered in purple plastic, and nylon shoes with rubber soles[66]. Every victor wore a blue jumpsuit, and a belt that was also a flotation device. The belt was filled with a thick, purple liquid.[67] Katniss also wore her Mockingjay pin[66].

StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats.[1] There is no specific leader for StarClan since there are many cats from all five Clans that work together.[2] They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats.[3] StarClan was disconnected from the living Clans by Ashfur,[4] however, the connection has since been restored.[5]

Not too long ago, the game released Blaze, but the team is already gearing up for its next release. Going back to the StarCraft well, its now Fenix's turn to be brought into the fight. Fenix was a Protoss warrior who, after suffering some pretty nasty wounds, ended up having his consciousness transferred to a Dragoon unit. That's the version that will be appearing in the game. The announcement was made to coincide with StarCraft's 20th anniversary celebration, and you can see the announcement for the character right here.

When I did this fight I was a lv 66 mithra war. The fight was pretty straight forward. I entered and slept tp to 100% and used my Blink Band. Went in and activated all relevant job abilities including my 2hour, engaged and Rampaged him. Instantly after that I used my tp wing and did a second Rampage. Right after that he 2houred and I popped a few hp potions while building my tp for a final Rampage which finished him off. As far as gear goes I went in wearing a Haubergeon, spike earrings, Chivalrous Chain, woodsman rings, mithra rse feet, Walkure Mask, Amemet Mantle +1, Pallas's Bracelets, Royal Knight's Breeches, Life belt, Bomb Core and a Darksteel Axe. I forgot to take a shield but it didn't affect the outcome. I also ate Sole Sushi for extra accuracy on my Rampages.

i m also mithra66, went in with Heavy Darksteel Axe which is a GA with uncapped skill(@ 214)with pole grip. I went in and slept till 100TP and used Blink as well as stoneskin torque... some argue it being worth the 104 dmg but i wanted to be sure nothing goes wrong. I was wearing haubergeon, drone earing, minuet earring, PCC, Sipahi turban and zerehs, Pallas Bracelets, Unyielding and Garrulous Ring, Amemet mantle +1, Potent Belt as well as mithra rse level 29 boots. for food i decided to eat squid sushi.i read the above strat and thought i d do it pretty much the same way but backwards... since maat needs to take some dmg to blow his 2h i d let him have some first before he pulls out the big guns.... its true that after his 2h he hits for 320+ so if u just beat on him for like 3-4 hits before using ure 2h... he ll be already at 85% without being all too dangerous. good thing here is that you can use berserk, retall and aggressor in the beginning... they all last pretty long... much longer then the fight will take and shortly before u decide to get on him seriously u ll just warcry and 2h. with the use of an icarus wing he is done for sure after the 2nd ws.during the fight he was hitting me 3 times and 3 went into shadows... for 70(with SS up), 262 and last one crit for 322 dmg. I was hitting him for 135, 11o, 1o1, 127, 114 then i used warcry and 2h and raging rush for 937, icarus and ws again for 739, another crit for 184 took him out. Good luck. Greetings from Calandra, Odin server.

I expected a pretty rough fight because of Mighty Strikes but WAR Maat is actually pretty easy. Put up Retaliation, meleed him until I had enough TP, then let loose with a Raging Rush. He used Mighty Strikes and got off one hit before a Retaliation finished him. Didn't set record, but that's one more Maat down for Maat's Cap. No buffs, food, or meds used. Mifaco 00:48, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

Murph is pretty simple, but relentless: Run one mile and then do 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, and then run another mile. Do it as fast as you can. Pullups can be modified if need be. Higher end athletes/CrossFitters do it all with a weighted vest. The workout is named after Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Rock is cooking stew and surprised at how he finds the barren Shattered Plains beautiful. Kaladin is training crews on how to use Stormlight. He first has them swear the first oath, and Lunamor quietly recites it to himself as he cooks. He instructs Lopen, Sigzil, and Peet to start teaching. Dabbid takes over stirring. Lunamor goes to find Hobber and finds Kaladin kneeling beside him. He tenderly encourages Hobber to try breathing in Stormlight. Rock is skeptical he can do it, but Kaladin insists all of Bridge Four will, and maybe others. He cautions Kaladin that they are going to war and some may die. Several of the bridgemen are glowing; Lopen has stuck his face to the ground. Elhokar appears and asks Kaladin to come with him to Kholinar and reclaim their home. Kaladin agrees and is given twenty days to prepare the rest of the men. Renarin meanwhile comes straight from his daily duty at the Oathgate to be with Bridge Four. Rock invites him over to help cook and notes he can see all spren, but never Renarin's. Renarin wonders if he belongs to Bridge Four since he is not a Windrunner, but Rock insists that he does. He is conflicted over what is expected of him -- to be a warrior, or what he is good at, scholarly work. He feels the odd one out, but Rock points out Rlain; Renarin goes to sit by him. The men come over for a drink break. Skar is struggling at drawing in Stormlight, but he manages to teach Lunamor how to draw some in. Skar, instead of being jealous, is pleased, being a teacher at heart. Rock suddenly notices a large group of spren gathered to watch Bridge Four practicing. Sylphrena says they wouldn't talk to her because she sought out Kaladin and hate to admit they were wrong. Rock makes an offering of Stormlight-infused spheres. The human-sized spren draws it in before flying away. Hobber breathes in a bit of Stormlight and calls the bridgemen over. Kaladin tells them to give him all their spheres so his legs can heal. He tentatively stands up, and Lopen gives him the two-armed Bridge Four salute, which Hobber proudly returns. Rock looks to the west and sees a plume of smoke.

Venli goes on shore. One of the Fused hands her a sword in case she has to defend herself, for she is only here as an interpreter. One the groups of listeners is re


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