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Annie Body

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ANNIE is a pretty draped long-sleeved bodysuit with a feminine style, ideal to combine with the Annie skirt to create a 90s dress effect. Made of cotton fabric (90%) and lurex (10%). From our BACK TO LIFE project, more info in description or OUR COMMITMENT.

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20 competitive and 20 recreational swimmers participated in this investigation to examine maximal oxygen consumption predicted from lean body weight and stroke index. The mean age and weight of the competitive swimmers was 20.1 + 1.3 years and 72.2 11.0 kilograms, respectively while the mean age and weight of the recreational swimmers was 20.9 + 2.8 years and 71.9 13.8 kilograms, respectively. Each subject completed a maximal 400 yard front crawl swim and underwater weighing. Expired air was collected for 20 seconds immediately following the swim for determination of vo2max using the backward extrapolation technique. The swim was videotaped and timed for determining stroke index. A regression equation developed by Costill, et al. (1985) for predicting VO2max was utilized. VO2max was determined to be 3.47 .67 1/min in the competitive group and 3. 24 .66 1/min in the recreational group. VO2max was predicted to be 3. 88 .83 1/min in the competitive group and 3. 70 .94 1/min in the recreational group. Significant differences were found between the measured and the predicted vo2max values in both groups indicating that VO2max may not be predicted from this equation in this population of competitive and recreational swimmers. 59ce067264


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